Method Statement – RETURNING TO CLUB TT SESSIONS (Pre-Activity)

Responsible person: Hygiene officer

Tony Halse  01626 852007

Address of premises:

Teign School, Chudleigh Road, Kingsteignton, Newton Abbot, Devon

Reviewed by:

Dennis Gibbs (Chairman)

Date method statement completed:

1st July 2020 (updated 15.7.20)

Suggested date for review:

1st August 2020 (or earlier if Government Restriction are amended



Health & Safety Contact Details

Club - Name:

Dennis Gibbs

Contact Number:

01626 366837        07802 151129

Table Tennis England – Name:

To Be Advised




Further Information

Health & Safety Procedures

Name of on-site first aiders:

Dennis Gibbs

On-site first aid box location:

In Equipment Box

Address of nearest hospital:

Newton Abbot Hospital West Golds Road, Newton Abbot

Designated evacuation meeting point:

In Car Park


Training Requirements

Consider here who needs to receive training on procedures relating to COVID-19, how this will be delivered and who is responsible. Eg. online committee meeting for volunteers delivered by Club Chair / newsletter for members written by Media officer and approved by Hygiene/Health & Safety Officer.

The secretary, Tony Halse, who has taken on the role of Hygiene Officer will keep himself up to date with all necessary Government and Table Tennis England requirements.  As we get closer to a resumption, by the use of emails and website updates, all necessary information will be distributed to the playersTraining of volunteers helping at club sessions will be undertaken by the Hygiene officer ahead of the first session.


Equipment Needed

Consider here what equipment is needed to take the steps outlined in your risk assessment. Eg. social distancing markers, posters outlining good hygiene, hand sanitizer/soap etc.

A minimum of 6 hand sanitizers and 6 hand held spray bottles of soapy water. A minimum of 6 rolls of disposable paper towels. A box of disposable gloves. 2 disposable aprons, 2 disposable face masks and two Nitrile disposable gloves for the first aid box. 3 Table Tennis England posters outlining good hygiene.  1 sign on Sports Hall entrance door (No Admittance if you have any symptoms). If possible acquire at least 10 more barriers (borrow from league’s supply at Clennon Valley or Stover school).  Make/buy suitable box for session fees to be deposited in. Purchase suitable book for registering players on entry. Purchase 2 suitable receptacles for waste bins and a roll of large black plastic sacks.


Order of Operations

A step-by-step method that should include: working procedures; the equipment and materials needed; what hazards will be present; how to reduce the risks associated. See also During Activity and Post Activity Method Statements

The accompanying risk assessments have identified the hazards and stated the controls to be put in place.  In the pre activity method statement the working procedures are virtually all carried out off site, Time scales for the above are undeterminable due to the fluidity of the virus situation. 




1.      Club Secretary to keep members up to date regarding a return to action:

  • At least monthly inform the members of the current situation by email
  • Regularly update the website with relevant information
  • Email all members a copy of the code of conduct together with any other relevant material when resumption date is known.


2.      Club Secretary to keep in contact with Teign School / Booking clerk:

  • Write and publish on website all necessary documents regarding the safe return.
  • Ensure the school know we would be safe and adhere to all guidance.
  • If possible ascertain the venue dimensions from the school to enable a plan to be drawn of proposed layout which meets the current government and Table Tennis England guidelines.


3.      Hygiene Officer to establish a booking and registration process:

  • Full name, Contact details and an emergency contact number to be confirmed by player at the booking stage.  As well as the session date and time required.
  • Confirmation of acceptance of adherence to the Club’s Code of Conduct from the player.
  • All players details to be kept in accordance with regulations to enable quick release of names attending a session if required due to an outbreak
  • Set up a register and ensure players are well on arrival and that they register, pay session fee and are ready for play in accordance with hygiene and social distancing measures.


4.      Hygiene Officer to make necessary purchases to comply with hygiene requirement:

  • A minimum of 6  hand sanitizers
  • A minimum of 6 mild soap spray bottles
  • A bottle of fairy liquid or similar
  • A minimum of 6 rolls of disposable paper towels
  • 1 box of disposable gloves
  • 2 large bins and a roll of large black sacks
  • 2 disposable aprons for first aid box
  • 2 disposable masks for first aid box
  • 2 disposable nitrile gloves for first aid box
  • 3 bars of soap for the toilets
  • A container/box to keep all of the above in.


5.      Hygiene Officer to purchase, make or borrow the equipment below:

  •  Borrow a minimum of 20 more barriers from the League, collect from Torbay Leisure Centre (loan approved)
  •  Make or purchase a suitable box for depositing cash
  •  Print and encapsulate a minimum of 3 Table Tennis England posters on good hygiene practices
  •  Make a sign for Sports Hall entrance door ‘No Admittance if you have symptoms’


6.     Hygiene Officer to make a list of all known vulnerable members that may wish to delay a return


7.   Hygiene Officer to ensure all members are aware of who to contact should they or members of      their household test positive within 14 days of attending the club session. Similarly they should contact the Hygiene Officer if they or anyone in the household has tested positive or has got symptoms 14 days   prior to the session they have booked to cancel that session.


8.   Tasks for the Hygiene Officer immediately prior to commencement of the first session

  • Issue gloves to and train volunteers (to be determined) in the safe way to set up the venue immediately prior to the first session.
  • Set up hygiene stations at main entrance and doors to playing arenas
  • Display posters and signage
  • Supply paper towel roll and soapy water spray to each table
  • Ensure ventilation systems are switched on and fix open doors where possible


Any other important information




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