Current RDTTA Player Rankings & Handicaps

The latest set of rankings has been produced for all Reading & District League players, based on results in senior league matches played during the 2015/16 season.

These rankings will be used as a starting point for the individual handicaps for each player for the 2016/17 season, but may be reviewed and updated by the Handicap Committee once the season is underway.

Click below to see the Ranking List, then feel free to download it, save it & print it:

RDTTA Ranking List 2016.xls

In this spreadsheet there are 2 versions - 

  • Main Ranking list
  • Alphabetical list

Within the Main Ranking list, use the filters at the top of each column (start by clicking on the arrow) to filter the list by Division, Team or Club.

PDF version

A version of Ranking List for those of you who don't have Excel:  RDTTA Ranking List 2016.pdf

Handicap Chart

Click below for the Handicap Chart used to calculate the starting score between players for handicap matches.

Handicap Chart


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