Senior Divisions 2017/18

The league structure for the coming season was approved by the RDTTA Management Committee on 1st August 2017.

We have lost two club's since last season, BBC Club and YMCA, and 4 teams less than last season have been entered from the remaining clubs. However we do have a new club who have entered one team and go by the name of Saiyan Brothers.

So overall there are 50 teams in the league for the 2017/18 season and all bar one team have been placed in the Division they requested.

Division 1: after examining various other options and discussion with some players it has been decided to restrict this division to 8 teams but keeping the 12 team fixture grid. But in order to boost the number of matches for these teams it is intended to run a new cup competition for Division 1 teams. The format of this has yet to be decided.

Team placings for the 2017/18 season across the 5 Senior Divisions are shown in the following pdf files, together with each team's home night and team captain. 

NOTE: this structure was changed on 4th August and may be subject to further changes over the coming weeks.

  Division 1 teams 2017-18.pdf

  Division 2 teams 2017-18.pdf

  Division 3 teams 2017-18.pdf

  Division 4 teams 2017-18.pdf  - amended 4th August

  Division 5 teams 2017-18.pdf - amended 11th September

Reminder: the new season starts on the week beginning 11th September 2017.

The fixtures for all teams will be available on this website from mid-August under the Menu item, FIXTURES & RESULTS. 

Until then, you can check your team's fixtures using the team placings in these files and the standard fixture chart published in the RDTTA Handbook, bearing in mind the season's start date. 

See page 20 of last season's Handbook online.






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