Senior Divisions 2016/17

After considerable effort from those involved, which included having to chase up several Clubs for late team entry forms and lengthy discussions on how best to place teams so there are the fewest gaps across the Divisions, the league structure for the coming season has now been approved by the RDTTA Management Committee.  Only 1 team has not been placed in their initially requested Division.

Despite losing one Club (Birch Copse) and two of our larger Clubs reducing the number of teams, overall there is 1 more team entry than last season, thanks to additional teams being entered by Reading FC, Sonning C&P, Springfield and Tilehurst Methodists.

Team placings for the 2016/17 season across the 5 Senior Divisions are shown in the following pdf files, together with each team's home night and team captain. 

  Division 1 Teams.pdf

  Division 2 Teams.pdf

  Division 3 Teams.pdf (updated 20/08/16)

  Division 4 Teams.pdf  (updated 20/08/16)

  Division 5 Teams.pdf  (updated 20/08/16)

Reminder: the new season starts on the week beginning 12th September 2016.

The fixtures for all teams will be available on this website from mid-August under the Menu item, FIXTURES & RESULTS. 

Until then, you can check your team's first fixtures using the team placings in these files and the standard fixture chart published in the RDTTA Handbook, bearing in mind the season's start date.

League tables, team results & statistics and players averages will become available once the season commences. 

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