Summary of Management Committee Service

Over the years a large number of members have served on the RDTTA Management Committee and it would not be practicable to name them all.  However mention should be made of those who have given special service to the Association.

The following document provides a summary of those who have volunteered to serve on the RDTTA Management Committee for 10 years or more, plus the current serving Committee members.

  RDTTA Committee History.pdf   - updated July 2022

Several people have held more than one role in a given season and this continues today, mainly due to a lack of volunteers to fill all posts.  This has resulted in a few individuals with a record of total posts held well in excess of the numbers of years they have been on the Committee.

It is worth noting that the current Committee includes 5 Committee roles occupied by the longest serving person in those posts.


Nick Lean

August 2021


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