26/09/2017 Update

Joe, Steve P and myself met with Lee on the 15th. It was clear that Lee considers us to be a very well run club and a lot of what BeTT can help with are things that we are currently taking care of ourselves anyway. Thank you to everyone who completed the BeTT questionnaire as we used data from this in the meeting. The results of the questionnaire were basically everyone is very happy at the club and the only way that things could improve would be if a) we had a better match venue & b) if there was more choice and availability for coaching opportunities. 

I think its fair to say that through the BeTT scheme we will not be able to get any funding towards any plans to fulfil a (long term) dream of having a multi table club venue, however that doesn't mean that we cant get some really good advice about funding options etc outside of BeTT that may one day help us fulfil that dream.

So for the time being we are as we are and with the increase in membership expected this year we will need to discuss how we deal with this increase for the 2018-2019 season to give new members competitive TT. There are already a few ideas on this and these will be discussed in the committee so that we are fully prepared for the influx in membership we are expecting. The website is connecting and I have had two more enquiries to join the club this week.

We gave Lee a list of the people who have expressed a desire to train as grade 1 coaches and umpires. There would be money available to part fund these courses and Lee is currently trying to arrange for a coaching course to take place in Bristol. The details need to be finalised but I will chase him up on that and keep you all posted.

Lee also sent me a template to use to construct a club development plan and I will be presenting this at the next committee meeting and inviting ideas from committee members (and non members) about what we want to be in it. At the moment the shackles are off all ideas are welcome and need to be considered. We will have to be mindful of what is and isn't realistic when actually forming a plan to turn these ideas into reality but for now just let the ideas flow.

That's it for now, but I will update you again after I have heard back from Lee about these courses.


25/08/2017 Update

I meet with Shaun Fitzpatrick on Monday (when I should of being playing for Ahoy oops) and we had a good discussion. We seem to be on the same page in that our focus is primarily on our individual clubs but we are open to collaborate wherever possible to grow and improve the TT offering in the local area. Defining the what the "local area" is something that we need to clarify with TTE. TTE are I believe looking to include our clubs into the Bristol area but Shaun and I agreed that we think we are geographically far enough removed from the central Bristol clubs to be looked at as a separate area. We shall see. Joe was unable to make the meeting on Monday but is hoping to join Steve Pratt and myself when we meet Lee from TTE on the 15th Sept. I will update following that meeting.

19/08/2017 Update

The club has been accepted into the BeTT scheme. Derek & Joe are going to meet with Shaun Fitzpatrick on Tuesday 22nd August to discuss the scheme as Nailsea have been accepted into the scheme too. TTE are looking to see where they can provide shared support across an area as well as helping individual clubs. As much as we are behind this and will work with other local providers of TT our primary focus is to see how the BeTT Development scheme can benefit PTTC.

Derek has arranged a meeting with Lee Monk who is our TTE area Development Officer. The meeting is has been arranged for the 15th September at Derek's place at work. I have invited Steve Pratt to the meeting too as Steve and Lee have spoken separately concerning club Welfare issues so it will be good for Steve and Lee to meet. At the moment everything is about fact finding so nothing is being decided or arranged as ultimately any development path the club decides to go on will be a club decision. What would help me in the meeting however is if members can complete the BeTT Survey (see under Online Links) Lee will use data he collects from that survey in the meeting. You can put your name to your answers if you want to but you don't have to. Survey takes about 10mins. Thanks I will keep you all updated here.

This is the scheme that the Club as recently applied to be included in.

Table Tennis England Development Scheme .pdf

We have been accepted into the scheme :)

Application Approval Letter.pdf




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