Upcoming Junior League Fixtures 2017 - 2018 Season

League round 4

Portishead SurfersNailsea25/02/2018WISESunday
Table Tennis Daily BSt George Jaguers25/02/2018WISESunday
Table Tennis Daily APortishead Anchors25/02/2018WISESunday
Cleeve And Claverham ACleeve And Claverham B25/02/2018WISESunday
NailseaTable Tennis Daily B25/02/2018WISESunday
St George JaguersTable Tennis Daily A25/02/2018WISESunday
Cleeve And Claverham BPortishead Anchors25/02/2018WISESunday
Cleeve And Claverham APortishead Surfers25/02/2018WISESunday
Table Tennis Daily ANailsea25/02/2018WISESunday
Portishead AnchorsSt George Jaguers25/02/2018WISESunday
Table Tennis Daily BCleeve And Claverham A25/02/2018WISESunday
Portishead SurfersCleeve And Claverham B25/02/2018WISESunday

League round 5

NailseaPortishead Anchors18/03/2018WISESunday
Cleeve And Claverham BSt George Jaguers18/03/2018WISESunday
Cleeve And Claverham ATable Tennis Daily A18/03/2018WISESunday
Portishead SurfersTable Tennis Daily B18/03/2018WISESunday
St George JaguersNailsea18/03/2018WISESunday
Portishead AnchorsCleeve And Claverham A18/03/2018WISESunday
Table Tennis Daily APortishead Surfers18/03/2018WISESunday
Table Tennis Daily BCleeve And Claverham B18/03/2018WISESunday
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