A list of the clubs safeguarding, welfare & GDPR policies

NB please note these policies are subject to change and although any significant changes will be notified to members, members are requested to keep up to date with them. If you have any questions queries on the policies and forms please contact the Clubs Welfare Officer

Welfare Officer Contact Details

PTTC Welfare Officer Contact Details.pdf  

Member Safeguarding Qualifications (Collecting relevant Certificate Dates)

PTTC Safeguarding Qualifications.pdf

Safeguarding Policy

PTTC Safeguarding Policy & Guidelines.pdf  

GDPR Policy

PTTC GDPR Policy.pdf

Health & Safety Policy

To be completed 

Photography, Mobile Phones, Social Media & Travel Policy 

PTTC Photography mobile phones social media travel policy.pdf  

Code Of Practice Members

PTTC Code of Practice Members.pdf  

Code Of Practice Parents & Carers

PTTC Code of Practice Parents Carers.pdf  

Complaint Procedure

PTTC Club Complaints Procedure.pdf  

Safeguarding Incident Form

PTTC Safeguarding Incident Form.pdf

Bullying Incident Form

PTTC Bullying incident Report Form.pdf  

Incident Report Form

PTTC Incident Report Form.pdf  

Accident Report Form  

PTTC Accident Report Form.pdf  


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