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Hello All,

Ive added a link to the score card entry system.

It's located in INFORMATION on the menu bar titled RESULTS ENTRY.

Clicking on this will take you to the TTE login system (unless you have saved your password in your browser).

Then upon entry will direct you to the CARD ENTRY SYSTEM.

Any problems contact myself (John Barker) or Roy Caswell.



John Barker :

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Teams for Players & Players for Teams

1. Scott Brown is available to assist any team in Division 3. Last played for Harper Brass E in Division 4 two seasons ago 15.15%. Tel. 07922 113826.

2. Recently moved to Bolton and am looking to play as a reserve Bolton.  I have played and will continue to play in the Bury League (Division 2) for decades and last year in Division 3, (70% average).  Barrie Fleet

Roy Caswell :

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