Minutes of the BTTL Committee meeting held belatedly at 7.50pm on 20th February 2017 at the Hilton Centre after it was found that the Beaumont Arms was closed for refurbishment.

Present: Messrs. Barker, Caswell, Rothwell, D Scowcroft (in the chair), & Mrs Smart

Apologies for absence: Messrs. Bolton, Bradbury, Bradshaw, Brown & Chauhan (The General Secretary was sorry to say that felt that he had failed to send the paper copies of the agenda through to Mr & Mrs Scowcroft)

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated and were agreed after the bank balance in the treasure’s report had been amended to £6,463 as the £501 for the handbooks had not been deducted.

Matters Arising: R********* C****** C*** was mentioned at the last meeting re any players with an address over 20 miles away. It would appear that S*** D****** is the only one we need worry about. He has in fact played five times now and just needs one more appearance to have his wins counted.

Correspondence: Dave Rogers had emailed suggesting it may be better to have full divisions with the bottom one if short playing each other three times. The General Secretary had replied stating that it was an option as they did in Bury. This was discussed. It was mentioned that in this exceptional year, it was done as it was, so that all teams who expected promotion got it and virtually all those that were expecting relegation got it. It was mentioned that should we opt to fill as many divisions as possible then it may be an idea to warn all by email that there may be occasions were more than the first two would be promoted or more than the bottom two relegated. However, all is unknown as we never can plan till the team entries come in in July.

General Secretary’s Report: Reminders were given that nominations for special prizes are needed for the next meeting and trophies have to be returned by 27th March. We arranged to meet with the Match Secretary at Readies for Trophy selection at 10am on Saturday 11th March.

Little Lever Cricket Club: There had been a problem in that an outside party had completely ruined the surface of their table. It was agreed by all that this should be treated as room not available under the rules as this was not any team’s fault and could not have been planned for. A new table was being delivered this week. Therefore any missed matches could be caught up as soon as practicable. They had done their best playing one reversed fixture but some were impossible. It was also mentioned that the Hilton Centre could always be contacted to see if a table was available should exceptional circumstances prevail.

Match Secretary’s Report: Virtually all match results were up to date and on the web. The Match Secretary complained that in some cases teams in the Cup matches had not bothered to tell either the Match Secretary or the General Secretary of the fact that they had not played due to one team giving a walkover to the other. The Match Secretary then had to ring around to find out what was going on before the next round of handicaps could be finalised. The correct rules are those on the web under the ‘Information’ tab.


Perhaps they need tweaking to give the Match Secretary the option to fine the home team as this is not implicit there at the moment where a match has not actually taken place.

There was also concern expressed about the filling in of Match Cards. Could teams be reminded to put the suffix A, B, C etc after the team name. It is also important to put the Division number in as this wastes the Match Secretary’s time. Less important yet desirable is the week number. More importantly the names should be legible preferably with first and second names.

Treasurer’s Report: Lancashire affiliation fees of £689 and Inter-league teams fees of £99 have been paid. Player fees of £204 have gone to Table Tennis England. I am about to invoice all the advertisers for their sponsorship money.

Current account = £5,390; PayPal = £494.

Inter-league Secretary’s Report: None

Tournament Report: The on-line forms had gone live today on the web site. They were checked for accuracy and logistics for manning them were explored. The newsletter would be issued the next day.

AOB: None

Date and venue of next meeting: To be arranged. It is usually early April but as the calendar was moved forward to avoid Easter it may be better at the end of March.

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