Minutes of the BTTL Committee meeting held at 7.30pm on Friday 19th February 2016 at the Hilton Centre.

Present: Messrs. Bradshaw, Berry, Caswell, Haslam & Mrs Smart

Apologies for absence: D Bolton. Apologies were also given to Mr & Mrs Scowcroft by the General Secretary who had forgotten to send out the paper agenda by post.

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated and agreed.

Matters Arising: The matter of a first aid course was still pending. Also, a visit to Canon Slade School to view their facilities had still not been done.

Correspondence: The deadline for signing on new players without the Committee’s approval had elapsed. However, P****** Club had lost one of their main players and a couple more temporarily through sickness. Could they register a new player who had not played for quite a while. It was agreed that J******* N******* be assigned to the team.

Bolton News had requested that someone provide around 300 words each week to go with league tables in the sports section as well as the monthly story from J*** W***** as long as it did not go on the web site until a few days later. The General Secretary said that he had done this for the last few weeks although he had not seen any league tables as yet. The Match Secretary said that he did not really have the time as entering match cards was a full time job. In the absence of anyone else wishing to do this, the General Secretary would continue to feed this information through.

General Secretary’s Report: A*** B******* was proposed and accepted a presenter for this year.

Match Secretary’s Report: Special prizes need to be considered for the next meeting. A new player had been signed on by R********* ‘C’ in the Premier. He had then played for the ‘B’ team and trebled twice. He had a history of being a very good player. It had been agreed with the club that he now be assigned to the ‘B’ team. However, the ‘A’ team had made a mistake in playing him which was in breach of Rule 12 (c) (i) Any player may play for another team in their own squad providing that the team is higher in the tables and the player’s % average is less than the third placed player for the team in the % averages. He could of course sign on for the ‘A’ team instead of the ‘B’ team and then be eligible, but not then for the lower team.

A match at H***** CC had to be abandoned due to a player slipping. It was agreed that the match be completed on the Monday at the away venue. It was also reported that another player had complained quite vociferously about the conditions at that venue. If anyone wanted to make an issue of this it would need to be proposed by a club, or an individual with a seconder, that the particular room in question be no longer used for league matches and then be accepted by the AGM.

A logo has been added to the web site at the top left. This will be free until the end of the season but would have to be paid for after that.

The advertising module was discussed and a discussion took place on handicaps between teams in cup matches, in particular the often soul destroying situation when a high team played a low team with the maximum handicap of 301.5. The higher team has no option but to prevent the lower team form achieving minimal points if they wished to win. The General Secretary said that they had had a similar situation in tennis but a slight alteration to the rules had resolved this. Could a similar alteration be adopted in the Warburton Cup? This is to be considered further in time for the AGM.

Treasurer's Report: None - absent.

Inter-league Secretary's Report: The Match Secretary said that we had a team top of the second division. The last outing was against Blackpool 'A'. We won 10-0. You can Google the Lancashire & Cheshire tt365 web site for information.

Tournament Secretary’s Report: A newsletter will be needed to explain the logistics of the combined Premier Individual Championships and Closed Championships Level singles. It was noted that we will lose out on entry fees. It was only an experiment for this year and will need to be reviewed. Plastic balls will be used. The Paypal link will need to be checked.

The Tournament Secretary has announced that this will be his last year in running the tournaments. A new Tournament Secretary will need to be elected at the AGM.

AOB: None

Date of next meeting: TBA at Meadow Hill in early April.

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