Minutes of The BTTL Committee Meeting held at 7.30pm On Tuesday 6th August 2019 at the Hilton Centre.

Present: Messrs. Barker, Bolton, Bradshaw, Caswell (in the Chair), Chauhan, McCormick, Rothwell, Tatlock & Mrs Smart.

Apologies for absence: Mr Bradbury, D Scowcroft, J Scowcroft, Mrs Barker & Mrs Scowcroft.

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated and were agreed.

Matters Arising: None                Correspondence: None

General Secretary’s Report: The link has now been provided for paying our £7/£4 to Table Tennis 365. This will be emailed out with the minutes and league set up.

Treasurer’s Report: All team fees are in.

League Set-up: There were 46 teams. The General Secretary had said that if we filled the Prem and Div. 1 with twelve, that would leave 22 to be shared among three teams if we went for three small divisions playing each other three times. There would be 8 in one and 7 in the other two. This would result in 3 open dates for those that contained seven. Since following the traditional approach Division 2 would have one team less and division 3 two teams less compared to last year it was decided to proceed along those lines.

The League was set up as follows:

Premier: Burning Desire, Coburg A (ex Nomads),  Flixton A & B, Hilton A & B, Ladybridge A, Little Lever A, Radcliffe CC, Ramsbottom A & B, Wharton.

Division 1: Coburg B, Farnworth SC A, Heaton A, Hilton C, D & E (Ex St Paul’s Peel), Little Lever B, Meadow Ben A, North West Lions (New), Polonia Club A, Ramsbottom C (Ex D), Wingates.

Division 2:  Brass Zone, Farnworth SC B & C, Heaton B, Hilton F, Hilton Hawks (Ex Bolton TTC), Hilton Top Spinners, Ladybridge B, Meadow Ben B, Lostock (Ex Meadow Hill A), Ramsbottom D (New).

Division 3: Albany, Bolton Hindu Forum TTC (New), Farnworth SC D, Hilton G, H & I, Ladybridge C, Meadow Ben C & D, Meadow Hill (Ex B), Polonia Club B (Ex C).

The Calendar: The General Secretary had produced a pro-forma with all events dropped back one day. However, Easter was in a difficult position with the closed championships played over the Easter weekend and presentation and finals on Easter Monday. It was decided to move this on one week so that the league was completed before Easter and the Championships played after Easter. It was investigated as to whether we could go back to having a week for the cup semi-finals. However, this would push the last fixture week into Easter so we will have to play the semi-finals alongside league matches as last year.

AOB: None

Date of Cup Draw: We seem to have dispensed with the traditional handbook collection night now that most things are done online, including payment of fees. We will meet very briefly at Hilton on Friday 30th August 7.30pm to do the cup draws.

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