Minutes of the meeting held online by email during May 2020

Consulted: Messrs. Barker, Bolton, Bradbury, Bradshaw, Caswell, Chauhan, McCormick, Rothwell, Tatlock, D Scowcroft, J Scowcroft. Mrs Smart & Mrs Scowcroft.

Apologies for absence: N/A

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated and deemed agreed.

Matters Arising: Re special awards. A suggestion had been put forward for the most promising junior or most improved player. We have not yet had nominations for the other award nor one for help given to juniors.

Correspondence: We have had another email from TT365 re future use in the Bolton League. This had been circulated. The decision on whether to continue to use it would have to be made by the AGM.

General Secretary's Report: Readeys is in lockdown at the moment so nothing can be done re trophies as yet. I don't suppose John had a chance to get the four awarded trophies back.

Match Secretary Report: Mike Brierley was transferred at his request from Hilton E to Brass Zone and improved their position above Farnworth SC which we must keep in mind for next season’s setup.

Treasurer’s Report: Sponsor and advertising money are in.

Inter-league Secretary’s Report: None

Tournament Secretary Report: This did not take place due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Rule Proposals: There were no proposals from clubs just Committee proposals based on things that happened during the season. These had been circulated and there had been no comments from the Committee re any changes.

AOB: None

Date and venue of next meeting:
 AGM in June. No date had been fixed as yet, but it may have to be done online.

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