Minutes of the BTTL Committee meeting held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 10th May 2016 at the Beaumont Arms, Ladybridge

Present: Messrs. Barker, Bolton, Brown, Caswell, Chauhan, Haslam,

D Scowcroft, J Scowcroft. & Mrs Scowcroft

Apologies for absence: Messrs. Berry, Bradbury & Bradshaw.

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated and were agreed.

Matters Arising: A visit to Canon Slade would take place the next day.

Correspondence: Emails were read from the Bolton News thanking the General Secretary for his excellent news coverage and the hope they will continue next year.

White Eagle are leaving us to join the Bury League purely to cut down on travelling. They had had great game satisfaction.

General Secretary’s Report: We had had a request from Lancashire County TTA to put a link on our web site to theirs. There were no objections.

Next year’s Committee set up was discussed. Most importantly we need a new Match Secretary as our existing Match Secretary is standing down. A name was suggested. We still have Chairman and Vice-Chairman vacancies and names were suggested. The Tournament Secretary post needs filling and there were no suggestions. As always the General Secretary said he was willing to step aside for a younger person. There must be someone out there with some secretarial skills.

Match Secretary’s Report: Fine cards had been thrown away due to change of address and not replaced. A fines listing has now just been posted on the tt365 site. Two teams had paid. We need some sort of ongoing system next year.

Treasurer’s Report: None.

Inter-league Secretary’s Report: None

Tournament Secretary’s Report: Our outgoing Tournament Secretary writes, “I think your piece in the Bolton News covers the Closed Championships - I would just add that I thought the best performance was that of Adele Spibey in winning the Handicap Singles. Adele with an average of 39% in Divn 2 accounted for Charles Musa in 3 games and 3 Divn 1 players, Dave Andrews 76%, Tim Vaughan 73% and Brian Hallsworth 70% before coming back from 1-2 down to beat John Barker in the final. 

When you have a new Tournament Sec and if he is not familiar with the running of tournaments and needs some help, if he contacts me I will if necessary meet up with them. 

I would like to thank the League for the clock presented to me on Finals night. It was really unexpected but very much appreciated.” George.

The Proposals for rule changes were discussed and these will shortly be posted on tt365 prior to the AGM.

AOB: None

Date and venue of the AGM : Thursday 16th June 2016 at the Hilton Centre

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