The Ralph Palmer Memorial Trophy for the most promising junior of the season

2014/2015M Brooks
2013/2014A Hussain
2012/2013W PArker
2011/2012M Fishwick
2010/2011N Patel
2009/2010S Evans
2008/2009M Fields
2007/2008C Tolladay
2006/2007L Eaton
2005/2006S Hall
2004/2005Miss Adel Spibey
2003/2004Miss Reena Ardeshana
2002/2003J Ghandi
2001/2002R Hall
2000/2001A Bleakley
1999/2000H Roberts
1998/1999H Brennand
1997/1998H Roberts & R Tong
1996/1997A Rushton
1995/1996L Thornton
1994/1995G Lee
1993/1994L Thornton
1992/1993R Simmonds
1991/1992G Payne
1990/1991G Payne
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