Sevenoaks League Ratings

The ratings shown are based on results played in the Sevenoaks League only.  For the season 2017/2018 initial ratings were taken from the TT365 ratings at September 2017. This has corrected some anomalies in the past where estimated initial ratings have been too low.  Players not having played Sevenoaks League in 2017/2018 will be given a TT365 rating  at July 2018, i.e. before these are reduced by 10%.  If no TT365 rating is available an estimate (in red)  is provided which will be updated from the TT365 rating as necessary.   

The points matrix  shown below has NOT been changed and is the same as used in the Sevenoaks League for many years.  This means that the winner of a set gains the same number of points as his opponent loses. 

The latest ratings can be displayed by clicking STTLRatings.pdf

Ratings are calculated by using the following matrix:

Rating DiffWinnerLoserWinnerLoser
500 & greater0075-75





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