1. The League Competition shall consist of not less than two divisions with at least six teams in each division.   Each team shall play every other team in its own division twice.   At least 2 players must be registered for each team except that a club’s lowest team must have at least 3 players registered.

 2. Matches shall be played at a central venue on Saturdays or Sundays, commencing at 2.00 p.m., under the supervision of a person appointed for the day by the Committee.

 3. Each player taking part must be registered as a member of the League and as a Player Member of the English Table Tennis Association.

 4. Matches shall consist of 5 sets: 4 singles and 1 doubles, a set consisting of the best of 5 games.   Points awarded shall be 1 per set.  The “home” team players will be A and B, the “away” team players X and Y.   The order of play shall be AvX, BvY, A&B v X&Y, AvY, BvX.   The results of the match shall be recorded on the official scorecard, signed by both team captains, and returned with the ball to the venue supervisor.

 5. If a club enters more than 1 team teams shall be arranged in descending order of strength.   Players must be registered for one team and cannot play for a lower team.   They may, however, play for a higher team providing this is in a higher division except that each player in a club’s lowest team may also play in not more than 2 matches for each higher team in the same division.  Re-registration of a player for a lower team must be approved by the unanimous agreement of the Registration Secretary and two other Officers.   The re-registration will not be accepted if the player has already played for his or her original or a higher team or if it significantly improves the playing strength of the team.  A player will not be permitted to play in more than one match simultaneously.

 6. Before the start of the season the Committee will decide, based on provisional team entries supplied by Club Secretaries: 

(a) the number of divisions
(b) the number of teams in each division,  and
(c) the composition of each division

Promotion and relegation issues will normally be decided on the final placings in the previous season as follows:

(a) the bottom two teams in Division 1 will be relegated to Division 2 and the top two teams in Division 2 promoted to Division 1
(b) for all other divisions the principle of “2-up, 2-down” will be followed.

In the event of a tie between teams affected by championship, promotion or relegation issues, their final placing shall be decided on the aggregate of points gained in the matches between those same teams.  If the teams are then still equal then a play-off, consisting of one doubles, shall be played at the end of the division’s final meeting.   

If a club’s actual registrations cause any team’s strength to be significantly different to the provisional team entries the Committee may review such registrations accordingly.

 7. Matches must be played on the dates fixed by the Committee, i.e. no postponements can be allowed.   Where only 1 team is at full strength at the specified start time the sets unplayable shall be awarded to that team.   Where neither team is at full strength at the specified start time the match shall be declared void and no points awarded.   Unless there are extenuating circumstances, a team failing to comply with a fixture or field a full team shall result in that team’s club being fined not less than the current senior registration fee for each such failure.

 8. Any team withdrawing from the League Competition shall have its results expunged from the records and its club fined.
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