1 NAME – The League shall be known as “The Sevenoaks Table Tennis League” (hereinafter called the “League”).

 2. OBJECTS – The objects of the League shall be to conduct a League Competition among affiliated Clubs, to conduct such other competitions as may be decided upon and generally to encourage the development of table tennis in the Sevenoaks area.

 3. MEMBERSHIP – Membership of the League shall be open to bona fide clubs and organisations in the Sevenoaks area having known table tennis facilities.

 4. OFFICERS – The Officers of the League shall be: President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Registration Secretary, Press Officer, Trophy Secretary, Child Protection Officer, Tournament Secretary, ETTA League Representative.   The Officers shall be elected by an Annual General Meeting for a term of one year, at the end of which period they shall retire but shall be eligible for re-election.

 5. FEES

(a) SUBSCRIPTIONS – The League’s ETTA and KCTTA subscriptions, including any special levies, shall be charged to affiliated Clubs and shall be payable annually to the League Treasurer by 8th August.

(b) MATCH FEES – At the time of paying the above subscriptions match fees shall be payable to cover the anticipated cost of hall hire for the League Competition, such fees being charged to each Club according to its number of entered teams.

(c) REGISTRATIONS – The name of each player must be entered on a League registration form by his/her respective affiliated Club, and this form together with the Registration fee of £6.00 (Juniors under 18 years of age on 31st December during the current playing season £3.00) must be received by the Registration Secretary at least 48 hours prior to that player first competing in any of the League’s competitions.

(d) REGISTRATIONS DURING THE SEASON – The registration of any player subsequent to the start of the season must be approved by the unanimous agreement of the Registration Secretary and two other Officers.   The registration will not be accepted if it significantly improves the playing strength of the team.

(e) FINES – Any outstanding fines incurred by a club shall be payable at the same time as the subscriptions.


(a) EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE – The affairs of the League shall be managed by an Executive Committee (hereinafter called the “Committee”) the members of which shall be the Officers and at least four other persons.

(b) COMMITTEE MEETINGS – The Committee shall meet at least twice a year.

(c) QUORUM – A quorum shall consist of at least four members of the Committee.

(d) POWERS OF COMMITTEE – The Committee shall have the power to:

(i) appoint sub-committees
(ii) co-opt a member to fill any vacancy
(iii) accept or reject applications for membership of the League and the registration of players
(iv) expel any Club or player from the League for failure to pay any sums due to the League or conduct likely to bring the game into disrepute
(v) select teams for representative matches
(vi) organise the League Competition and such other competitions as it thinks fit
(vii) levy fines for contravening the rules of the League Competition
(viii) act on its own discretion where the rules are silent

 7.  BANK ACCOUNT – The funds of the League shall be lodged at a bank and all cheques, etc drawn on the account shall be signed by any two Officers.

 8. (a) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – The AGM of the League shall be held as soon as possible after the close of the season on a date to be fixed by the committee, and fourteen days’ notice thereof shall be given to each member of the Committee, and the Secretary of each affiliated club

(b) BUSINESS CONDUCTED AT AGM – The business of the AGM shall include:

(i) presentation of the reports of the Committee and the accounts for the past year, duly audited

(ii) election of the Officers, Committee members and Auditor for the ensuing year

(iii) consideration of any proposed rule changes to the Constitution or to the League Competition, such proposals having been received by the Secretary in writing by 31st March.

(c) AGM PROCEDURE – One vote per registered member attending with the Chairman of the AGM having the casting vote.   If the meeting is attended by less than 10% of the registered membership, no business other than the formal adjournment of the meeting shall take place.

(d) NON ATTENDANCE – All clubs not represented at the AGM will be fined the sum of £5

 9. SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING – A Special General Meeting may be called on a resolution of the Committee or within one month after the receipt by the Secretary of a requisition in writing to that effect stating the purpose of the meeting and signed by at least ten registered members.

10. The laws of table tennis as defined by the ETTA shall apply to all competitions organised by the League.

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