Before Day 3 began, Cleeve Park A were seven points clear of Tandridge A on 13.   Amherst A were handily placed, one point behind on 12 but three points clear of Darenth A with South Croydon A on four and Cleeve Park B on two.   It was a pity that Amherst A were missing on the day but, having earned the right to represent Kent Boys’ Under 11 team event at the English Schools TTA Zone 7 finals in London, they did not want to pass up on that opportunity.   Replacements were found with Oliver Ames and Charlie Helmer, both pupils at Amherst but registered for another club.   Obviously none of any successes they might have would count.

Round 5

The closest match of this Round was that between Cleeve Park B (Jake Murrison-Waller/Nick Hurst) and South Croydon A (Gosinachid Egbeama/Dominic Faulkner).   The opening singles were shared, Egbeama won the first game easily but Murrison-Waller fought back to take the second 11-9.   He was very close in the next two losing only 11-13, 10-12.  Hurst levelled the match with a win over Faulkner and Cleeve Park then won a five game doubles to take the lead.   Murrison-Waller ran Faulkner close but Faulkner held him off 10-12, 10-12 in the third and fourth games.   So, it was down to Hurst and Egbeama to decide the outcome, Egbeama winning in straight games.

There was a very good match between Cleeve Park A (Chris Chin/Aditya Palaniappan) and Darenth A (Ben McKay/Matthew James).   Chin held a 100% record but was unable to stop McKay, losing in straight games.   Palaniappan and James fought out a five-game battle which went to Palaniappan.   Cleeve Park won the doubles and both the reverse singles for a 4-1 victory.

Cleeve Park had thus extended their lead over Tandridge at the halfway stage, now six points clear.   Amherst A remained in third on 12, Darenth A had 10, South Croydon A seven and Cleeve Park B four.

Round 6

Darenth A had their customary team change with Konrad Johnson replacing McKay against Cleeve Park B (Hurst/Murrison-Waller).   The opening singles were shared.   Johnson won in four against Hurst as did Murrison-Waller against James.   Cleeve Park took the doubles, also in four, for a 2-1 lead.   The reverse singles were shared – Johnson powering through Murrison-Waller to level the match so it was up to James and Hurst to settle the issue.   It went to Hurst who fended off James 16-14 in the third.

Tandridge (Woodgate/Byrne) tackled South Croydon A (Egbeama/Faulkner) and there was a lot of good play here.   The opening singles were shared, Egbeama just getting the better of Woodgate 11-9, 11-9, 14-12 while Byrne defeated Falkner in four.   Tandridge won the doubles and Byrne made it 3-1 for Tandridge with a straight-games win over Faulkner.   Egbeama conceded his last singles for some unknown reason which meant a 4-1 victory for Tandridge.

At the end of Day 3, Cleeve Park A had maintained their lead over Tandridge with Amherst A and Darenth A tying in third place on 12.   South Croydon A have eight points and Cleeve Park B seven.

For the record the Amherst School Under 11 Boys’ team qualified for the Southern Region finals in Bristol on 8th February.   We wish them all success.

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