DIVISION 1 – 17.02.19 – DAY 4


The penultimate meeting of Division 1 saw Darenth A leading the division on 25 with Leigh B on 19 in second place, comfortably six points  clear of Teen & 20 and Leigh C in equal third on 13.   Neither Leigh A on 11 nor Crownwoods on nine were that far behind so an entertaining afternoon’s play was expected which was reflected by four 3-2 postings.

Round 7

Leigh were struggling to get out three teams on the day.   Leigh B were present and correct with Roger Pingram and John Dyson on duty but Sue Pingram was sidelined by an injury for Leigh C so Lois Perryman stepped in to partner Dean Chipperfield in their domestic derby with the B.   She began against well against Pingram and she went for her shots, she curbed her impetuosity well to eventually win 11-7 in the fifth.   Dyson levelled the score to be followed by a very good doubles which the C team won in five games.   Perryman then took on Dyson to whom she lost so it was two sets apiece.   Chipperfield and Pingram then fought out one of their epic battles which Pingram finally won in the fifth – 12-10, 13-11, 5-11, 7-11, 12-10 sums it up.   It gave Leigh B a 3-2 success.

Leaders Darenth A (Alan Longhurst/Peter Davis) were pressed hard by Teen & 20 (Ming Majoe/Nick Smith) but won the first two sets.  Majoe and Smith have been doubles partners for many a year and were not fazed by being 0-2 behind in the doubles and they turned it around in five.   Majoe made it two all by defeating Davis which left Smith and Longhurst to decide the outcome.   It was one of the best sets of the day where Smith finally triumphed 12-10, 7-11, 5-11, 12-10, 11-9 which gives an idea of how this set swung back and forth.   It meant a 3-2 victory for Teen & 20.

Leigh A were a player short and Lois Perryman’s mother, Lorraine, came in to partner Michelle McGovern against Crownwoods’ father and son combination of Richard and Ryan Farthing.   Crownwoods took a 3-0 lead through a five game win over McGovern for Ryan and one for Richard over Lorraine plus the doubles.   Richard took a 2-0 lead over McGovern but was unable to consolidate it after losing the third and succumbed 9-11 in the fifth.   Left hander Ryan kept Lorraine on the move to make it a 4-1 victory for Crownwoods.

After seven Rounds, Darenth still led on 27 with Leigh B closing up to 22.   Teen & 20 on 16 had edged ahead of Leigh C on 15 with Crownwoods now on 13 and Leigh A on 12.

Round 8

Teen & 20 (Majoe/Smith) certainly had to get their heads down against the Leigh A ladies, Lorraine Perryman and Michelle McGovern.   The opening singles were shared.   Majoe had to pull out all the stops against Lorraine, having to come from 1-2 behind to take it in five games while McGovern made it a set all with a win over Smith.   The doubles went to Teen & 20 but Leigh were back on par through a win for McGovern over Majoe.   That left Smith and Lorraine to fight it out.   In a very good set, Smith emerged victorious to make it 3-2 to Teen & 20.

Elsewhere another battle was taking shape with Leigh C (Chipperfield/Lois Perryman) challenging Darenth A (Longhurst/Davis).   Again, the opening singles were shared with Chipperfield forcing Longhurst to a fifth game which he lost 8-11.   Lois, busily twiddling, went 1-2 to Davis before pulling through 11-8 in the fifth.   Darenth won the doubles in straight games for the lead.   Chipperfield got things back level by defeating Davis in four who had hit himself in the face with his bat which didn’t help his cause.   This left Lois and Longhurst to settle the issue.   It was an excellent set where Longhurst was pegged back to two games all before winning 11-7 in the fifth.

Leigh B (Dyson/Pingram) posted a 4-1 victory over Crownwoods (Farthing/Farthing) but this could so easily have been 3-2 had Richard managed to convert a late lead against Dyson in the fifth.   However, a dizzy spell made competing difficult for him.   Leigh won the next three sets and it was not until the closing set that Richard managed to get Crownwoods on the board to secure a point by beating Pingram.

Whilst Darenth A have a four point lead over Leigh B, there’s very little to chose between the other four teams.   Teen & 20 have 19 with Leigh C two points behind on 17.   Leigh A and Crownwoods are level on 14 apiece so it’s going to make for the classic Sevenoaks style grandstand finish on the final day.


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