Mins of 2018-19 AGM

 Present – Barton Road, Garstang, Morecambe, St Lukes, Trimpell, 315

Bruce Armitage, Martin Wakelin, Paul Hines, Dave Smith, Phil Goymer, Ian Gee, Paul Stebbing, Carl Stebbing, Graeme Moorby, John Allen, Mike White, Tom Clark

Meeting Chairman Graeme Moorby opened the meeting,

Apologies – University, Ray Carr

Matters Arising from 17-18

Team handicaps for the Coronation and Riley Cups were calculated on individual handicaps and reviewed for the finals. 

League regulation 4 (v) revision - A player may play up for higher teams a combined total of 4 occasions without penalty. On the 5th occasion he/she will become a member of that specific team for the remainder of the season and is no longer eligible to play up.    

MATCH SEC Report – With all the junior success at county and national level there was a constant stream of reports for inclusion in the local press. Due to pressure of newspaper space etc it was not possible to include everything which occasionally disappointed the parents. For next season some of the team captains asked for admin permissions to input their own home fixture results which we will grant when we know which programme we will be using. 

HGS Report – A lot of time and effort involved in co-ordinating and managing the MCHS venue hire arrangement for 6 teams. Wef May 1st the school is officially an Academy and will now be run as a business which may/may not effect hire costs. For next season we anticipate a minimum of 4 teams to be based at the school.

On the 7th May we did stock inventory of the equipment at MCHS Sports hall and Studio.

Between the 2 locations we have 17 tables,18 surrounds, 17 scoreboards and 17 nets.

Sports Hall – All of the 9 tables are useable although at least one needs wheel adjustment. Some of the nets were unrepairable along with 3 of the surrounds and require replacing. The TT equipment stored in the Sports Hall belongs to the league and  we have an agreement with the school whereby they can use it as part of their physical education and we also receive a reduced payment for hiring the hall.

The Annual Tournament ran smoothly with 26 entrants and we also ran the popular end of season Invitation Sandpaper Bat competition at Trimpell with all the entry fees paid as cash prizes. Toby Ellis beat Dave Smith in the final of the main event and collected £30. .

FINANCIAL SUMMARY - The balance sheet recorded a loss of £113.50 in part due to the decision to pay for the engraving of the perpetual trophies which has traditionally been done by the winners but rarely happens. We kept the costs of the trophies the same.

We had some difficulties collecting the University TT fees who missed several TTE  payment dates due to problems setting up their own TT bank account which resulted in the student union refusing to release the fees. Eventually I contacted the Student Union  and explained the funds they were holding were required to clear outstanding debts to both TTE and ourselves. Following discussion I provided them with the relevant payment details and they released the payments. The new Univ TT President is confident everything will be sorted for next season.   

It was agreed to retain the Team Fees at £60 per team but it is not clear what the TTE player membership fees will be next season due to the ongoing issues with TT365.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS – No resignations and all agreed to continue.

RULES & REGS PROPOSAL - Individual averages - A proposal from Dave Smith to provide awards to the players from each division who record the most wins as against those who have the best win percentage was not seconded.

TT365 League Manager v  TTE - As you may be aware TTE have chosen not to renew the TT365 League Manger contract and replace it with a basic model which they claim will reduce costs. TT365 have challenged this and claim TTE is deceiving the membership and have continued to circulate literature including a letter from a former TTE Treasurer claiming TTE have a reserve fund of £500,000. It was also stated that TTE’s claim they could transfer all the leagues historical data from 365 was dismissed TT365 as unrealistic. One of the leagues has tabled a proposition for the forthcoming TTE AGM for the player membership to be reduced by £7 which is the alleged amount TTE take from each players membership to fund TT365. If the motion is successful players will be able to use the £7 to pay TT365 to continue receiving TT365 League Manager. After considering the latest financial/I.T. information the meeting voted to continue with TT365 if possible. This may/may not be an option and there may be a scenario whereby leagues run both systems for 12 months before making a final choice.

JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT – As a result of Ken’s retirement the league tried to restart the Thursday night sessions at MCHS but possibly due to the inactivity since Ken finished there was not enough commitment from the Juniors. As things stands the league does not have an alternative plan although Dudley Jackson and Martin Wakelin have re-started weekly after school sessions at Greatwood School and juniors have been invited to attend the weekly Mon and Wed pay and play sessions at Trimpell during the summer.

Latest on Ken Richardson – he is not allowed to drive a car and has been discouraged from riding a bike but I can confirm the boredom of having to be at home all the time has motivated him to riding his bike for small trips around his village. For the last 20 years Ken has been the catalyst for junior table tennis in this area and was responsible for the initial development of all the talented juniors in this locality and the acquisition of tables for the various schools .There is a lot of feeling that Ken’s junior contribution was never properly recognised and the meeting agreed the league should do something. As a result

It was agreed to purchase a quality cup to be called the Ken Richardson Trophy and make a decision at a later date what to award it for.

L&CTTL – Congrats to the representative Vets who won their respective divisional league title by 4 points ahead of second place Chester.

VETS Trophy -  Dave Smith offered  to donate a payment to the league in return for the trophy to be renamed the Victoria Smith Vets Trophy. There was no objection and the HGS agreed to negotiate a realistic amount with the proposer.  

AOB - Dragons captain Mike White was presented with the Championship Trophy and the meeting closed at 8.50 pm.


Mins of 2017-18 AGM held at Trimpell Club, Thurs 10 May 7.15pm

 Present – Ray Carr, Phil Goymer, Dudley Jackson, Dave Smith, Dave Hughes, Carl Stebbing, Martin Wakelin, Ray Forbes

 Apologies from Bob Williamson, Ken Richardson, Graham Coupe, Paul Stebbing, University

Matters arising – Proposal from Garstang re RTC not providing juniors for the senior league.

 HGS Report – An extremely busy season for addressing communications, complaints within the league, county and national associations. The general disorganisation at University home fixtures has been taken on board by the new management team to improve things for next season. They believe the main problem has been the lack of anyone to organise their 2 Championship teams and they believe dropping a Championship team will improve their organisation.

The Annual Tournament at MCHS ran smoothly despite the last-minute change of date by the school which resulted in a loss of 15 entries which involved a change the format. Despite several of their top players missing the University still managed to dominate the prizes with the outstanding player Marco Tang collecting the Men’s Singles, Doubles and Handicap Singles all at the expense of Paul Stebbing.

 On the back of the TV popularity of Ping Pong on Sky we piloted our own Sandpaper Bat competition with 12 participants at Trimpell. The competition which is a great leveller included a single point event, main event including groups and knock out’s plus a plate event. All the entry fees were used for cash prizes to the various winners and runners up and it was an enjoyable evening that will be repeated. For the record Toby Ellis beat Phil Goymer in the main event and collected his £30 prize.

 If you read the local papers you may have spotted a changing of the guard as Graeme Moorby has taken over the role of Press Officer and he does not take prisoners. In addition he has also been actively involved in other league activities which is a major plus in this league. Mention to for John Allen who was instrumental in creating and organising the Morecambe B team of juniors and helping out with the coaching. Thanks also to Dudley Jackson who has been coaching a handful of juniors on Monday’s.

The divisional awards were presented at the Coronation & Riley Cup finals.

 The Lancs & Ches Vets team finished runners up after leading the division for the majority of the season

 Press Officer reported that having now obtained full admin permissions on the website he could continue his comprehensive weekly reporting to the local press and website without restriction. He has also taken on the Match Sec role so that individuals who do not input their match results direct to the 365 website can email or text a photo of the match card to him.

 Treasurer reported a loss of approx £40 on the season which was a direct result of a one-off purchase of Sandpaper bats to run a competition. Apart from the bats the comp was self-funded.

Several of the expenditure items on the balance sheet were down, trophy costs slightly up but overall the league finances are in good shape. TTE are looking to increase the player membership fees from £14 to £16 for Seniors and from £7 to £8 for Cadets and Juniors. This does not impact on the league balance as we just collect the fees and forward them to TTE. It would save a lot of admin work if all players paid their membership fees direct to TTE but it is unlikely to happen.

It was agreed to keep the team fees at fees at £60 and continue with free entry to the annual tournament,

Re-elected officers – President Dave Hughes, Chairman Ray Carr, League Sec and Treasurer Carl Stebbing, Press Officer and Match Sec Graeme Moorby, National Rep Bob Williamson.

Elected to the committee Paul Stebbing

Handicap Cup competitions were discussed and it was agreed the team handicaps for the Coronation and Riley Cups to be calculated on individual handicaps and the handicaps will be reviewed for the finals. 

Due to problems with raising teams in the Kennon Cups a proposal was supported by Dudley Jackson whereby clubs with more than one team be allowed a max of 1 player per club to represent another team in a later round. It was agreed to give it a try.

It was agreed to retain league team fees at £60 and continue with free entry to the league tournament.

 League regulation 4 (v) revision - A player may play up for higher teams a combined total of 4 occasions without penalty. On the 5th occasion he/she will become a member of that specific team for the remainder of the season and is no longer eligible to play up.    

 Garstang’s proposal for junior teams matches in the Championship Division to be played on 2 tables was not approved. It was also pointed out that with the potential composition of next year’s Championship, 90% of the matches will be played on 2 tables.

 Next season the current St Lukes venue is due to be demolished and whilst the replacement is being built  alternative venues need to be found for their teams. The A and B teams are being accommodated at Slyne School which leaves their C, D and E team searching for a venue. The option for these teams to play at MCHS is being examined and the league will be contacting MCHS to ascertain details of the hire fees.

 Junior Development – As a result of Ken Richardson’s retirement the responsibility has been passed over to the league. There is no obvious replacement to take on board the after-school sessions at LRGS, Ripley and the Bay Legaue. However, we are hopeful we can continue running the Morecambe junior teams based at MCHS and restart the Thursday night basic coaching sessions in September with a pool of volunteers. The league is also prepared to consider financing a coaching qualification.

 AOB -Match Sec explained the double hit rule which a lot of players were unaware of.

 Meeting closed at 9.25 pm.




Mins of 2016-17 AGM at Trimpell Social Club, Morecambe. Mon 8th May 2017 – 7.15 pm

Apologies from ETTA Rep Bob Williamson

Present: Tom Clark, Ken Richardson, David Hughes, Ray Gaskell, Graeme Moorby, Ray Carr, Dudley Jackson, Derek Metcalfe, Carl Stebbing, Phil Goymer, Ransford Amponsah

Clubs represented Garstang, Morecambe, St Lukes, Trimpell, University

 Not represented: 3-1-5 (Rule 5 non attendance)

 HGS paid tribute to the league’s 2 senior players Ken Riley and Brian Gourlay who sadly passed away.

 Matters arising from mins of 2015-16 included the pre-season rescheduling of University fixtures and confirmation that a donation had been made to the Garstang Regional Training Centre (RTC).

 HGS reported on a match incident involving a senior and junior player who lost his composure which resulted in the game being halted. After a short delay and a verbal warning the junior recovered his composure and the game recommenced. The break in play worked in favour of the junior who went on to win the game. Unfortunately the senior was not prepared to accept the outcome and duly resigned from his team. The matter was referred to the committee who initially banned the junior but this was later reduced to a suspended ban when it was realised that no rules had been broken. The final ruling was also confirmed by the league TTE representative who is a qualified international umpire.

 All teams are now using poly balls for matches.

 There was a good turnout for the annual tournament with all clubs except Garstang represented with the awards distributed amongst players from all the representing clubs.

 Treasurer circulated the financial summary of the league’s income and expenditure and gave detailed explanations of the various items. Overall the league recorded £17 income over expenditure which was in line with our predictions.

 Match Secretary/Development Officer reported a vibrant primary and junior school programmes with special mention of the Bay League for primary school players. The popular Bay League includes 45 teams from Lancaster, Morecambe, Garstang, Kirkby Stephen and Tebay. Matches are played over 4 Saturdays at a central venue and are well attended.

 The league continues to get good coverage in the local press with the change of reporting style  the senior reports now more interesting thanks to our new reporter Graeme Moorby.

 The final decision on Team Fees will be left until the pre-season meeting

 The Vets team in the Lancs & Cheshire league division 1 found it hard going at this level due to a lack of strength in depth.

Promotion and relegation - HGS explained the regulation allows the committee to make the final decision after considering all the relevant factors and options. The regulation was introduced to create a more balanced set up in a small league. The actual number of teams entering next season will not be known until the pre season meeting. However, as University requested to retain 2 teams in each division it was agreed Championship runners up St Lukes C will be promoted to the Premier. 

AOB - A request from Garstang Regional Training Centre (RTC) for another donation i.e. £200 produced an informative discussion and exchange of views with the Grastang represntative.

There is no doubt the RTC is a positive and popular initiative that offers selective young players the next level of development after progressing through Ken Richardson’s school systems.

 There are currently 16 Lancaster & Morecambe youngsters attending the RTC but sadly only 2 of them now participate in the league. This is a concern for the future of our league especially when the RTC claimed we would see an increase in participating players. One of the reasons given is the players (or their parents) have been advised not to participate in the local league as the playing styles are not conducive to their future development within the RTC. The RTC representative confirmed the reasoning as valid. Potentially the situation could get worse for the league as the RTC targets even younger players with the possibility of them by-passing the league system altogether.  Morecambe HS are already experiencing this first hand by announcing they have had to drop 2 of their 3 teams.

 In conclusion no decision was made on the donation other than the league President stating the league was not getting value for money and recommended the Garsatng representative should refer the concerns back to the RTC.

 The final item was the presentation of the divisional awards and the meeting closed at 8.45 pm..           



2015-16 AGM Trimpell Social Club, Out Moss Lane, Morecambe. LA4 4UP

(Downstairs Meeting Room)

Tuesday 3rd May, 2015 – 7pm


1.   Apologies

2.   Mins of 2014/15 AGM (see 365 website under INFORMATION)

3.   Matters Arising

4.   Executive committee reports

5.   Election of Officers:-

6.   Cup comps

7.   Team fees

8.   Rule & Reg Proposals

9.   Lancashire TTA

10. 365 Website

11. Regional Training Centre

12. AOB

13. Presentation of divisional trophies to Lancaster University and Garstang


Mins of 2015-16 AGM at Trimpell Social Club, Morecambe. Tues 3rd May, 2015, 7pm

Apologies from Dave Hughes and Graeme Moorby

All clubs were represented with Ian Gee, Adam Cooper, Dave Smth, Ken Richardson, Martin Wakelin, Adam Stewart, Matt Simcock, Carl Stebbing, Bob Williamson.

Mins of 2014/15 AGM are displayed on the league website under INFORMATION

Table Tennis England Rep gave a demonstration of the correct use of the service law based on examples recently circulated by the ITTF. One member agreed that foul serves were common place in our lowest division but saw no evidence that anyone was gaining an advantage from them.

HGS reported the passing of long serving player Alan Whittaker and an update on the health of Ken Riley. The league received 2 complaints both of which were internal club disputes which was not a league matter. A decent turnout for the Senior tournament at MCHS which ran smoothly and to time. The prizes were shared amongst all the clubs who entered players. The Vets tournament for the Alan Hyde Trophy was held at a later date at Trimpell and in a break from tradition it was agreed to provide equivalent cash awards instead of trophies.

As we formulate the 2016-17 in early September the Univ have agreed to provide advanced information including contacts.

Treasurers report was circulated which showed that income over expenditure has dropped from £55.22 last season to £11.50. Income from Team Fees was up due to increased team entry to £50 although this now included entry to the tournament.

Expenditure increased with the purchase of better quality trophies along with the decision to provide similar awards regardless of profile. There was also a cost for work done on a couple of perpetual cups

Treasurer pointed out the cost of the hire of the Sports Hall for the Senior tournament i.e. £130 was  not recorded as Ken Richardson has been funding this from his junior set up. It was agreed that this will be included in future reports.

Match Sec reported on a good season for the juniors with regular weekly coaching at district schools e.g. MCHS, Ripley, LRGS, Garstang etc. There are lots of competitions including the hugely popular Bay League which includes teams from Lancaster, Kendal, Barrow and Garstang.

The ongoing issue in the senior league is how best to address the situation whereby the Univ teams are faced with the problem of trying to catch up too many outstanding fixtures. This season resulted in several non played matches being agreed as a 15-15 draw which many believe is not acceptable.

Weekly Press reports continue and it was agreed that Graeme Moorby would take responsibility for the Premier Division reports with Ken Richardson concentrating on the Championship and Juniors.  

All members of the Executive Committee were re-elected along with new addition Graeme Moorby.

A proposal for all clubs to switch exclusively to plastic balls next season was not approved. However, if a plastic or celluloid ball breaks during a match you must replace it with the same.

Lancs & Cheshire league - the Vets team finished 6th out of 7 in Div 1

Investment – A detailed request from Graham Coupe for the league to invest £200 in his (RTC) Regional Training Centre for Juniors was circulated to clubs prior to the AGM. Several responses/questions were received and discussed at the AGM. After extensive discussion it was agreed the league would support the investment and would offset part of the costs by increasing the team fees by £10. However, the          

TTE Rep, Chairman and Development Officer were not prepared to approve a payment to a company/          ody that does not exist i.e. RTC. As a result it was agreed to withhold payment until Graham or the league can find a way around this. For the league the HGS will approach other investing leagues to ascertain how they dealt with this.

There was no other business and the meeting closed at 8.35 pm followed by a presentation of divisional trophies to Lancaster University and Garstang.



2014 -15 AGM Trimpell Social Club, Out Moss Lane, Morecambe. LA4 4UP

Tuesday 12th May, 2015 – 7pm


1.    Apologies 

2.    Mins of 2013/14 AGM  

3.    Matters Arising

4.    Executive committee reports

5.    Election of Officers:-

6.    Cup comps

7.    Team fees

8.    Rule & Reg Proposals          

9.    Lancashire TTA

10.  365 Website

11.  AOB

12.  Presentation of divisional winners to Lancaster University



Mins of 2014 -15 AGM at Trimpell Social Club, Tuesday 12th May, 2015 – 7pm

Apologies from (President) Dave Hughes, Ken Richardson (Match Sec & Junior Development), David Bruce, Paul Stebbing

Present:- Ray Carr (Chairman), Carl Stebbing (League Sec and Treasurer),

Bob Williamson (TTE Rep), Adam Cooper, Daniel Jackson, Ken Riley, Ian Gee, Nicole Finn, Adam Forshaw.

Clubs not represented:- Morecambe, St Lukes.

Mins of the 2013-14 were accepted on block

Matters arising required a Handicap Singles event to be reinstated in the Annual Tournament. This was included in the 2014-15 tournament.

Ken Richardson’s comprehensive report included league tables, cup finals and tournament stats for all junior and senior events. Special mention was made of the highly successful Bay League and of the number of local juniors who have progressed via the league to achieve local, county and international success. The latest being LGGS who are now English schools U16 champions with Great Wood 3rd in U11.

Carl Stebbing reported that TTE (Table Tennis England) was now under threat of a takeover from a consortium including former CEO Alex Murdoch who were currently canvassing leagues for their votes. Our only concern with the current management was their misinformation on the introduction of the new balls. In contradiction of the ITTF they incorrectly insisted it was mandatory for all leagues to switch to the new ball next season. This has now been resolved and as both celluloid and plastic balls are approved we will leave it to individual teams.

We attempt to put as much info on the league website as possible but in response to several requests we will also produced some basic hard copy fixture booklets.

There was a reasonable turnout for the annual tournament despite the absence of a number of our top juniors who were playing in the Blackpool Grand Prix.

The league is also looking at the possibility of starting next season’s fixtures a week earlier to provide more flexibility to accommodate half terms and the University teams.

Income over expenditure has dropped from £200 last season to £50 primarily due to the additional cost of trophies as a result of additional competitions.

We registered more players this season but all those fees go to TTE.

For several seasons the league has frozen the team entry fee of £40 but for next season this will be increased to £50 per team which includes free entry for all players to the annual tournament.

The only item significantly different to last season was an income item of £1000 development grant which after recording was transferred to the Development Officer’s account.

As at the 11th May the bank balance is £2640.65, any items after this date will be recorded in the 2015-16 accounts.

All members of the Executive Committee were re-elected

A new format was introduced for the end of season cup competitions i.e. Coronation and Riley Cups. The team handicaps were calculated on the final league positions. This produced a last game finish in the Coronation but a one sided result in the Riley. On reflection each team has to field their strongest 3 players to accurately reflect the handicap and an eligibility rule on player appearances needs to be introduced. In the Riley final the winning team influenced the result with the introduction of a strong registered player who had not played any league games all season. It was agreed to resolve this at the next pre season meeting.   

In the Lancs & Cheshire league the Vets team finished 5th in Div 1 but have qualified for the Denis Smith Handicap Cup final. Having won the cup last season the team will be defending the trophy albeit with a much changed team.

We try to put as much information as we can on the 365 website and welcome any suggestions. Recently we introduced an Honours list of individual and Team competitions since the early fifties. This is a work in progress with lots of blanks as we don’t have the records especially in the early years. If you can fill in any of the spaces contact the League Secretary.

The Premier Divisional winner trophies were presented to Lancaster University


Minutes of the 2013-14 AGM

Garstang, Morecambe, Trimpell and University were represented at the meeting.

Apologies received from Bob Williamson, David Hughes and Angela Knowles-Cooke.

Barbarians, St.Lukes and 3-1-5 failed to send anyone to the meeting and were not represented which was disappointing.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORTS - HGS congratulated Ken Richardson for winning the Morecambe Sunshine Award for an individual or team who has excelled in the sporting arena.

The decision to play a league fixture on one or two tables is the responsibility of the home team.

The league President wants the end of season cup competition matches to be played during the week and not on a week end day. This will be decided at the pre season meeting.

The Annual tournament held at MCHS is held on a Sunday from 9.30 - 3 pm. There was a proposal to extend the time to include a ko handicap singles to include all entrants on which opinions were divided and will be looked at next season.

The experiment to provide general practice facilities at St.Lukes albeit on Tuesday afternoons was a moderate success and may be looked at again. The absence of a club providing general practice facilities is an ongoing issue.

The Match Sec/Development Officer reported he was pleased with the high numbers enthusiasm and success of the junior section. He gave an extensive report of league, school, county and national junior competitions and activities. Weekly coaching sessions for primary and junior players continue at Ripley and MCHS.  

2014 Summer League - He reported difficulties obtaining his preferred venues, club unco-operation and a lack of player enthusiasm had left him with no choice but to cancel the summer league booking.      

Copies of Income and Expenditure were circulated and discussed. The income 200 for the season therefore it was agreed 15. There is no information at this time regarding player registration fees from the ETTA.    

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