Divisional Shield 2019

Dear Team Captains, Club and League Officers, 

2018-19 Divisional Shield Competition Finals

Dallam Sports Hall, 9.00 for 9.30 am Sunday 13 Jan 2019 

The following teams have entered the Divisional Shield Competition: 

Division 1

Burton A, Burton B, Burton C, Crook A, Dallam A, Kirkby Stephen A, Natland A, Natland B, Dalton (9 teams). 

Division 2

Crook B, Crook C, Crook D, Dallam B, Kirkby Stephen B, Natland C, Natland D, Natland E (8 teams). 

With nine teams in the Division 1 competition, this presents difficulties on the finals day (13 Jan 2019) at Dallam.  Consequently we will need a Preliminary Round to reduce the number to eight.  This will involve two teams playing off before the finals, with the winner going through to the finals with the other seven.  We have done a draw and the two teams involved are: 

Natland A v Crook A 

This Preliminary Round match can be played any time but we suggest w/c 17 December 2018.  Natland are the home team. 

All other 1st Division teams and all 2nd Division teams will go through automatically to the Finals at Dallam on 13 Jan 2019. 

If any 1st Division teams cannot play on 13 Jan, it would be very useful if we could be advised in good time, and the Preliminary Match will not then be required.  Likewise, it would be good if the losing team in the Preliminary Match could be on standby for the Finals, in case of late cancellations. 

Cheers,   Mick Taylor


Rules for Divisional Shield Competition

1. The entry shall be £4 per team.

2. In the 1st Round, the first named team is the home team.

3. 8 teams compete in 2 groups of 4, with the group winners meeting in the Final.

4. Each team consists of 2 players, who may be changed each match.

5. A player may only represent one team in the Competition

6. A team may only play any player who is registered in that Division. In the event of a genuine emergency (such as a last minute injury and no-one genuinely able to step in) then a player from a lower division will be allowed to play up if permission is given by the Match Secretary.  However, that player must not play with a handicap lower than the lowest handicap given to any player in the higher division.  For example, Player X, a Div 2 player on a handicap of +2, wishes to play up for a Div 1 team.  The lowest handicap for players registered in Div 1 is -1, so player X must adopt this handicap throughout the Divisional Shield competition.

7. The Competition shall be played in accordance with League Rules, except : - i) only 3 games are played in each set, not best of 5 ii) all games are played to 11, no deuce.

8. Each tie consists of 5 sets :- A v X, B v Y, A v Y, B v X plus 1 doubles

9. The handicap for each match shall be determined as follows. Before the match starts, the handicaps for both players in each team are totalled separately, and the small total taken from the larger. The result is then multiplied by 7 ½ and this total is added to the final points score of the weaker team.

10. The Handicaps for individuals shall be decided by the Handicap Committee.

11. The scores for each game are entered on a special score sheet and the points totalled at the end of the 5 sets. The team with the most points is the winning team. If teams finish level on points :-

i)In the 1st Round, the away team, will be declared the winners.

ii)In the group of 4 teams, in the event of 2 teams winning an equal number of matches, the winners of the head to head match shall be declared the winners.

iii)In the event of 3 teams winning an equal number of matches, the team with the highest points difference shall be declared the winner.

iv)In the final, if the teams finish level on points, the winners shall be those who won most of the 15 games played.


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