Table Tennis Ladder

Dear local table tennis players, 

Using an App called Slappy I have created a table tennis ladder so that anyone who would like to can play some competitive table tennis outside of our formal League Structure. This ladder is open to all whether senior, junior, league player or non league player. 

We all start with 1500 ranking points and move up or down according to wins and losses. As more matches are played the ranking points given for a win or taken away for a loss will reflect where you and your opponent are in the ranking. 

Once you have joined the ladder you can simply record your score on the app and your opponent will get a notification to confirm the result. Once confirmed it will be recorded on the ladder. 

The app includes info about creating your profile and how to challenge someone to a game and record match scores.  

To join the Open Ladder , install abisoft Slappy Sports Ladder and use the ladder code: 6873402d

I am not an expert but I have done a dummy run with Dan today and it seems to be ok. It works better on phone than tablet. 

Please give it a go 

Best regards 

Peter Leahy

Author: via Kendal Table Tennis League
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