Start of League update 21st October

Dear Team Captains, Club and League Officers, 

Here is the latest information about the start of Kendal and District Table Tennis League fixtures.

  1. Division 1 fixtures start w/c 26 Oct 2020, Division 2 start w/c 2 November.  The fixtures can be found on the 365 website.
  2. Because of Lancashire's Tier 3 and Barrow's Tier 2 Covid status, several players from Burton and Dalton cannot play. Consequently, for the present, Burton can only field one team (Burton A) and Dalton none.  However the missing teams (Burton B, C, D, and E and Dalton) will remain on the fixtures list, in the hope that at some stage they can start playing.  But for the moment they cannot and consequently if you are due to play one of those teams, you will have a gap.  However, you may wish to re-arrange matches from the second half of the season to fill the gaps.
  3. It is important that you check before each fixture with the opposing captain, to make sure that the match will go ahead
  4. To reflect the fact that all are likely to play less matches this season, we've decided to set the League fees for all teams and players at zero. Thus the team registration fee reduces from £14 to zero and the player  registration fee reduces from £12 (£7 for juniors) to zero.  If you've already paid, you will be refunded.  Please note that TTE player registration fees are still payable direct to TTE if you play in the League.
  5. To help teams find enough players, the rule limiting the number of times you can play up will be temporarily removed. 
  6. There will be no penalties against teams unable to play because of Covid difficulties.
  7. There will be no doubles, so nine matches not ten.
  8. Because of the strange circumstances this season, final League placings may well be academic and normal promotion and relegation rules are unlikely to apply.
  9. Finally we stress that you must strictly follow the League Covid Rules, plus any additional rules  that your club has put in place.  This is most important for your own safety and that of others.  We issued the League Covid Rules a couple of weeks back, but they are attached here again (below).

Best of luck to you all, and let's hope the Covid restrictions don't get any worse. 

Cheers,   Mick Taylor

League Covid Rules.docx



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