Kirkby Stephen B change of venue and captain

From Mike Sunderland - Kirkby Stephen - are now relocated in both gym (5 tables) and sports hall7 tables. 

Monday night remains home night in the sports hall and Thursday eve club night in gym. 

Parking round the back of the school - can not use school entrance. 

Teams A and C remain unaffected. 

Team B - Div A has cancelled all home matches on a Wednesday and will have to re-negotiate with the remaining home matches. 

Andrew Leach the captain has got a job in France, so I am now the Captain of Team B - Div 2. 

details: Mike Sunderland, Castle House, Hartley, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4JJ  017683 71406, 0797 5946 312 

I will negotiate with the remaining team B match captains. 

Author: via Kendal Table Tennis League
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