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Hello All

I am the Secretary of Senior British League and have been asked by the Committee to try and promote some interest from leagues and players that currently do not play in this tournament. We are trying to grow SBL in order to encourage players to play more table tennis locally but not necessarily on a weekday but on a weekend 4 times a year.
Many players from local leagues tell us that they would like to play TT at weekends against local players from local leagues but not necessarily against the ones they play all the time in their specific league. We feel it could also benefit the younger players who are unable or unlikely to play in a far away venue and have to stay up late to do so. A weekend at a local venue would suit their cause perfectly.

I would ask you in the interest of table tennis to circulate this to all the clubs that are in your local leagues to try and stimulate interest in order to help the SBL move forward thus ensuring we meet our responsibility regarding Table Tennis England and our own 10 year plan for success.

I have attached four files:-

I thought it would not be appropriate to send all associated paperwork to you at this time but to ask you that if anyone is interested that they contact me and I will take it forward.

I thank you very much for any assistance you are able to give.

If you have any queries or need any further assistance please contact me.

Kind regards

Gary Wood

Secretary of British League


Phone: 0118 976 1349 or 07961 171207

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