Player Of The Match > How it works

Each match card can have a player of the match selected.

The player can be selected by the administrator entering the score, based on a selection marked on the match card, if your league supports this; or

The administrator can select a player based on their opinion of the match result, when this happens the computer automatically makes a suggestion for player of the match based on the following calculation:

  • Sets For
    (the number of sets the player wins in the whole match)
  • if tied on the above, then by the least games against
    (the number of games (ends, rubbers) against, in the whole match)
  • if tied on the above, then by the biggest points difference
    (the difference in the number of points for and against, in the whole match)
  • if tied on the above, then by the most games for
    (the number of games (ends, rubbers) for, in the whole match)

Note: Doubles matches are not counted in these calculations.

Player of the match > Winter 2018-19 > Division 1
Player Team Played
Rhys Davies Crosby TTC B 15
Yameen Al-Dahiri Crosby TTC A 8
Chris Parkes Argyle A 6
Bernhard Frank Southport A 6
Julian Quirk Argyle B 5
Matthew Wilson Princes Street TTC A 5
Paul Gittins Formby Holy Trinity A 4
Jack Dempsey Crosby TTC A 4
Darren Taylor Princes Street TTC A 3
Sylvia Graham Crosby TTC A 3
Michael Stewart Princes Street TTC A 3
Barry Davis Formby Holy Trinity A 3
Nick Wilson Crosby TTC C 3
Mark Barnes Southport A 2
Francois Rafferty Crosby TTC B 2
Nicholas Miller Argyle D 2
Martyn Coleman Princes Street TTC B 2
Matthew Hyde Argyle A 2
Cherith Graham Crosby TTC A 2
Felix Anderson Crosby TTC C 2
Matty Cranny Formby Holy Trinity A 2
Gavin Lloyd Crosby TTC D 2
Mick Winder Princes Street TTC C 1
Anthony Dixon Crosby TTC D 1
Liam Shaw Crosby TTC A 1
Andrew Armstrong Princes Street E 1
Kenneth Jackson Formby Holy Trinity A 1
Kyle Lavender Southport A 1
Ray Hibbs Princes Street TTC C 1
Colin Turner Princes Street TTC A 1
Matthew Laird Crosby TTC C 1
David Bradley Formby Holy Trinity B 1
Roger Neal Princes Street TTC B 1
Gerard Wilson Princes Street TTC B 1
Gemma Grant Crosby TTC D 1
Rashad Al-Dahiri Crosby TTC C 1
Max Davies Crosby TTC C 1
Joseph Howard Argyle C 1
Elliot Cooper Crosby E 1
Lee Madin Crosby TTC D 1
Stefan Schober Thomson Crosby TTC D 1
Michael McCormack Argyle B 1
Ogi Kostov Southport A 1
David Noden Princes Street TTC A 1
Pete Ashley Crosby TTC B 1
Josh Taylor Princes Street TTC C 1
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