Draw took place at Committee Meeting 27.10.2019

See bottom of this page for new format details and score card

First Round Matches scheduled for either side of Christmas. Should be played before 24th Jan 2020.

Second Round Matches scheduled for Week Beginning 27th Jan 2020 

Quarter Finals scheduled for Week Beginning 24th Feb 2020.

Semi-Finals & Final to be played Weeks Beginning 23rd March & 30th Mar 2020 - SUSPENDED

It is the responsibility of the home team (First team of the pair on the chart below) to contact the away team to confirm a suitable date for the match to be played.  

Matches may be played before the scheduled week if dates can be agreed between teams.

Individual handicaps to be found under teams on the menu bar.


  Prelim Round
Round 1 Round 2 Quarter Finals Semi Finals  
  TTTA 7346          
  v Scorecard           
  Taverners364  Taverners355       
    v Scorecard  Taverners350

TTTA 4330       
    .  v Scorecard
   Dawlish Diamonds330       
    v Scorecard  Dawlish Diamonds341  

    NA Vultures329       
   NA Falcons355       
    v Scorecard  NA Falcons299

    NA Condors346       
   .  v Scorecard
Torre Panthers    
    NA Buzzards343       
    v Scorecard  Torre Panthers349    
    Torre Panthers364       

    NA Harriers339       
    v Scorecard  NA Kestrels308

    NA Kestrels  380       
    .  v Scorecard
NA Kestrels294    
    v Scorecard  Halwell284  

    Marldon Tykes    297       

v Scorecard   NA Eagles  
    NA Hawks347       
    v Scorecard  NA Eagles406

    NA Eagles375       
    v Scorecard  NA Eagles 330   
    TTTA 6362       
    v Scorecard  TTTA 6301     
    NA Ospreys331       
   TTTA 1300       
    v  Scorecard  Brixham Trawlers 312

   Brixham Trawlers 377       
    .  v Scorecard
   Marldon 359       
    v Scorecard   Marldon 372  

    NA Merlins312       

    NA Owls395       
    v  Scorecard  NA Owls 280

    Brixham Swifts289       
    .  v Scorecard
 Torre Titans    
    v Hasbeens conceded Torre Titans 320    
    Torre Titans

   Dawlish Dynamos325       
   v Scorecard  Dawlish Dynamos232

   Brixham Dolphins257       
    .  Scorecard
TTTA 3330   
   Brixham Pirates 210       
   v Scorecard   TTTA 3326  

   TTTA 3294       
       v Scorecard  TTTA 3  
   TTTA 2275       
    v Scorecard     TTTA 5287

    TTTA 5315       
    . v Scorecard
NA Kites269   
   Brixham Seals340       
    v Scorecard  NA Kites317     
    NA Kites353       


Rationale behind change:

The previous system used massive handicaps (players requiring 60+ points to win a single game!) which resulted in very long games, giving timing/scheduling issues, and offered less incentive to our better players due to the length of games. It was also possible on the old system that a player would only have one set of table tennis in an evening. Less teams were entering the cup matches each season.  The previous system of weaker players having to win 11 points a game would always favour the better players.  We needed to give the weaker players a better chance of winning and we needed to deal with the timing constraints that many clubs have.

So, the committee has adopted an experimental change for this season and will gauge the support for the new format to see whether it should be a permanent change.


This system counts every point won, over four legs up to 11 (normal scoring). All four legs to be played. 

The system is based on Table Tennis England’s ranking lists and Table Tennis 365 suggested handicaps.  Each player will be given a handicap number between 0 and 43. The difference between the two players in a set is calculated and rounded up to a multiple of 4, then divided by 4 (4 games/set) which will give the start the weaker player will have in each game (capped at +9), which should be noted against his name (ie +4) for the particular set. ALL four games are played as normal up to 11 (2 clear points as normal). After each set of four games the total points scored by each player shall be recorded on the scorecard and the cumulative total calculated and recorded keeping a running total of the score as you go.  At the end of the final 9th set the team with the most cumulative points is the winner.  If the scores are tied, the team awarded the most handicap points at the start shall be deemed the winners. If this is also tied then the away team shall be declared the winners.

In the doubles, the pairs handicaps are added together and divided by 2, rounded up to a whole number, and the start that the weaker pair receive is calculated as above. 

An example scorecard is shown below and blank scorecards will be given to the clubs/teams shortly or can be downloaded from the team cups menu on the website.

Players’ individual handicaps now show on the website under ‘Team Details 18-19’

PLEASE NOTE:  the committee has agreed that as this is a handicap competition, players from teams ranked both above and below, not taking part in the competition for their own team, may join another team just for the cup.  No-one will be allowed to play for two different teams in the same competition.

The draw for the competitions has now taken place and can be found under ‘Team Cups’ on the website, hard copies of the handicaps, the draw and scorecards will be distributed shortly. As before, the home team should contact the away team to arrange a suitable date for the match.  The winning captain should send in the scorecard.



cup scorecard pdf.

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