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Mini Match Report - Princes St D 7 Waterloo B 3

With Ian Lunt holidaying on the Costa del Halewood the D team regulars of Colin Fyles , Chris Foley and Captain Frank Proffit had their SOS call answered by the lesser spotted Derek Aitken migrating home from Dubai, who said take a chance on me.

They lined up for their eagerly awaited opener against newly promoted Waterloo B. At this point dear reader I should mention that it is safe to read on because I have now successfully resisted the temptation to cram in as many Abba puns as possible.

The teams appeared to be well matched with the D team taking a 3-2 lead at half time.

Whilst regaining his breath the lesser spotted Derek ( who had just beaten the away team's captain ) was overheard in conversation with the league's fixture secretary.

Derek " I played badly there " which met with a rapid response."I didn't think you played that well!". Undaunted Derek said " know that tubby chap at Argyle ...." to which Mr Mullan replied "that doesn't narrow it down much".

Peter Kay could have a new series on his hands at Princes St.

Anyway I digress. In the 2nd half the home team pulled away winning 4 -1 and leaving the overall match score at 7-3 , which in all honesty isn't really a fair reflection on how close this match was.

The young Waterloo team showed a lot of promise and with a little better game management and experience will do well.

The lesser spotted justified his promotion winning both singles to be awarded POM and a singles win for each of the rest of the home team together with both doubles secured the points.

So apologies to our friends from Waterloo but the winner takes it all ( well 7 points anyway ) .

Written by:Jim Booth
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