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Princes St A 8 Argyle A 2

Mini Match Report.

I must preface this report , dear reader , by admitting that due to a previous appointment with Miss Sauvignon Blanc , a movie and Mrs Foss ( the closest I'll ever get to a threesome ) I didn't actually go to this game so that should make this more accurate than usual.

So with the competition hotting up for a Champions league spot the cream of Argyle visited the Hall of Happiness to take on the best of the Princes.

The Princes top team have shown a significant improvement in the 2nd half of the season coinciding with the return from injury of Matty Wilson.

Yet again Matt was the Princes star turn in what turned out to be a very convincing win taking our brave boys into 3rd spot in the league.

Indeed Matt seemed to be confusing this match with the Handicap Cup as he conceeded only 20 points in winning both his singles against Chris Parkes who , prior to this game had a wonderful average ( he still has!) and Mark Jagger.

Colin Turner also blitzed he way to 2 singles wins against Chris Parkes and Paul Lunan again 3 straight.

Then we had the curious case of Michael Stewart and the missing bat. No this isn't the next Harry Potter book but poor Michael who most of you will know has a very distinctive rubber ( well what I really mean is that it's dead as a dodo ) so he was forced to play with Darren's bat which has marginally more life.

This takes me back to when I played Chester Barnes at Butlins.Thinking back my mum and dad should have been done for child cruelty for even thinking of taking me there ! Anyway they had a ping pong contest and as the winner this 13 year old got to play Chester Barnes. Amazingly I took a 5 -0 lead against the 5 times English Closed Campion and former England No.1. He then said he'd better take the games seriously , went to his bag , got out a frying pan and beat me 21-5.

So whilst Darren's bat isn't great it is better than a frying pan and Micheal was able to beat Mark Jagger ( I so want to type Mick!) and team up with Matty to win the doubles.

Michael was beaten by Mike McCormack who also beat skipper Darren Taylorto round off an excellent night for the Argyle sub.

Darren bounced back beating Paul Lunan comfortably and partnered Colin to yet another doubles win.

So there we have it. A great win for the Princes and 3rd in the league , WOW!!

Written by: Nick Foss
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