Gunson Cup 2nd Round and Plate 1st Round Results

Here are the draws for the 2nd round of the Gunson Cup and the 1st round of the Gunson Plate.

Please note that the team handicaps are calculated on the night by reference to the Individual Handicaps of those players playing in the match - see the handicap list dated 3 January 2018 .

You can read further details of the new procedure for the Gunson Cup and Gunson Plate here.

Use of Individual Handicaps means that a team unable to field its best player is not penalised by having to field an eligible substitute - but remember that no player may play for more than one team in the Gunson Cup (Rule 30c), nor play for a team lower than the team for which he/she is ranked (Rule 20a). Similar rules apply to the Gunson Plate competition.

Gunson Cup 2nd Round Draw 2017-18
Argyle H    (186)453vs330Waddington D
Crosby A440vs414Argyle F    (264)
Formby HT C  (86)404vs387Waddington B
Formby HT B421vs386Argyle A   (104)
Waddington E428vs295Southport C  (60)
Argyle E396vs389Argyle G  (116)
Crosby B340vs377Waddington A  (2)
Formby HT D  (120)438vs385Argyle B
Gunson Plate 1st Round Draw 2017-18
Southport D  (206)354vs434Southport A
Crosby G  Win by                W/Ovs000Argyle C
Waddington C vs Bye
Southport B391vs420Crosby F   (112)
North Meols A   (86)362vs413Argyle D
Crosby E404vs426Waterloo B  (114)
Crosby H  (78)399vs384Waterloo A
Bye vs Paraplegics A

The above draw to be published by 4-1-18.
The matches to be played Week Commencing 15-1-18
Copy of Score Sheet to be with the Fixture Secretary by 26-1-18,
preferably by email to 

Rules 33 a, b & c apply. Pay particular attention to Rule 33c.  Home Captains to confirm the match night with the away Captains at least 5 days before the match is due to be played.

In the event of a tie, Rules 32c and 32d apply.

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