Unacceptable behaviour

A written complaint has been received concerning the behaviour of certain individuals at the Closed Championships held on Sunday 5th February 2017. This includes the use of foul and abusive language and being disrespectful and discourteous to players and officials both young and old.

The letter was anonymous and does not specifically identify the individuals involved such that it makes it impossible for the League to hold any meaningful investigation. As there has been no corroboration of the events described the Committee is unable to consider what sanctions might be necessary against those involved.

However, we feel that the matter cannot pass without action. We would therefore, remind all Clubs that when completing their Registration Form each season they 'undertake to ensure that all members of (their) Club uphold the spirit of sportsmanship'. So, we expect all matches to be played in a fair and sporting manner and will tolerate no discourtesy or disrespect to any players or officials and nothing that can be considered intimidation or bullying. Clubs should ensure that all their players act in an appropriate manner at all times.

We will be considering the inclusion of a Code of Conduct in our Rules This would then go in our handbook and ensure that every member knows what's expected of them so that they can have no excuses if they transgress.

Author: via Southport Table Tennis League
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