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The Blue Riband event THE OPEN SINGLES champion was won by no 1 seed Martin Hewett who took The Brian Fuller Trophy overcoming Peter Ives in three very hard and two closely fought setts 3 10 10. In the third place play off Miro Danadzhiev overcame Wayne Matthews 8 12 -2 5, who respectively lost in the semis to Martin -8 5 8 5 and Peter -10 3 8 14.  

The Ladies Singles champion was Jill Shipton, retaining her title after hard battles against runner up Anna Vihrogonova in the final -9 12 7 2 and Julie Parker, Claire Blackman and Brooke Palmer in the group games. Julie Parker took the Ladies Singles Restricted title beating runner up Claire Blackman after coming from 2-1 down -10 5 -6 10 9. Brooke Palmer in her first time at the Closed took the Ladies Singles Plate title. 

The Open Singles Restricted winner was Raghu Malhotra who overcame Paul Godson -8 4 9 10 with Robert Parkes and Terry Clapperton both reaching the semi finals.

The Open Singles Intermediate winner was Mark Steeden who defeated veteran Keith Ball 10 10 6 with Claire Blackman and Julie Parker losing out in the semis.

The Open Singles Plate winner was youngster Patrick Jeffery who defeated another youngster Brooke Palmer but only after staving off a great fightback from Brooke 7 7 -9 -3 4. They had respectively overcome Sam Woodcock and Nigel Incledon

The Mens Doubles saw several surprise results throughout the event, culminating in Peter Ives and Peter Davis taking the title by beating Martin Hewett and Richard Beckham in another closely fought match -10 -14 9 9 8. The real surprises came in the Mens Doubles Restricted where Mark Steeden and Tim Noble did very well to reach the final before they lost out to Dave McAulay and Raghu Malhotra 5 9 9. Veterans Keith Ball with Ken Hewett and also the Tim Vaughan and Robert Parkes combination, against the rankings both reached the semi finals. 

The Mens Doubles Plate final went to Greg Hackers and Sam Woodcock after a great claw back from 2-0 down against Jack Pavey and John Caplen -6 -4 7 12 11.  

The Mixed Doubles closed the tournament with Anna Vihrogonova and Richard Beckham taking the winners title defeating Julie Parker and Wayne Matthews 9 3 -6 7, who had taken out favourites Jill Shipton and Peter Ives in the semis by the tightest of margins 3 -3 -5 10 10. 

Player of the Tournament this year goes jointly to Miro Danadzhiev and Brooke Palmer, for their respective performances in overcoming several higher ranked opponents. 


Open Singles  

The Brian Fuller Trophy

Round 1 Groups

G1 1 Martin Hewett 2 Tim Vaughan 3 Mark Steeden 4 Patrick Jeffery

G2 1 Peter Ives 2 Paul Gidson 3 Keith Ball 4 Nigel Incledon

G3 1 Richard Beckham 2 Raghu Malhotra 3 Anna Vihrogonova 4 Sam Woodcock

G4 1 Wayne Matthews 2 Terry Clapperton 3 Julie Parker 4 Jordan Chung

G5 1 Martin Ball 2 Adam Simpson 3 Claire Blackman 4 Jim Bradford

G6 1 Petar Tancevski 2 Rob Hart 3 M Asim Yusuf 4 Brooke Palmer

G7 1 Peter Davis 2 Robert Parkes 3 Greg Hackers 4 Chris Jeffery

G8 1 Dave McAulay 2 Jill Shipton 3 Jack Pavey 4 Stephen Maher

G9 1 Miro Danadzhiev 2 Tim Noble 3 Paul Cullern 4 Noel Arasaratnam

G10 1 Will Wrapson 2 Shevron McDonald 3 Barrie Incledon 4 Alex Haniewicz (wdn)

G11 1 Wayne Youngs 2 Ken Hewett 3 John Caplen 4 Patrick Walton

G12 Roger Harris Leigh Hickey (wdn) Debbie Holland (wdn)

Group winners progressed to Open Singles QF

Group runners up progressed to Open Singles Restricted QF

Group third progressed to Open Singles Intermediate QF

Group fourth progressed to Open Singles Plate QF

Quarter Final Groups

Gp1 1 Martin Hewett 2 Wayne Youngs 3 Peter Davis

Gp2 1 Peter Ives 2 Dave McAulay

Gp3 1 Miro Danadzhiev 2 Richard Beckham 3 Martin Ball

Gp4 1 Wayne Matthews 2 Petar Tancevski 3 Will Wrapson

Semi Finals

S1 Martin Hewett beat S9 Miro Danadzhiev -8 5 8 5

S2 Peter Ives beat S4 Wayne Matthews -10 3 8 14

3rd/4th Place

S9 Miro Danadzhiev beat S4 Wayne Matthews 8 12 -2 5


S1 Martin Hewett beat S2 Peter Ives 3 10 10


Open Singles Restricted 

Quarter Final Groups

Gp5 1 Robert Parkes 2 Ken Hewett 3 Tim Vaughan

Gp6 1 Paul Godson 2 Jill Shipton

Gp7 1 Raghu Malhotra 2 T Noble 3 Adam Simpson

Gp8 1 Terry Clapperton 2 Shevron McDonal 3 Rob Hart 

Semi Finals

Raghu Malhotra beat Robert Parkes 4 6 3

Paul Godson beat Terry Clapperton -9 6 -11 10 5


Raghu Malhotra beat Paul Godson -8 4 9 10


Open Singles Intermediate

Quarter Final Groups

Gp9 1 Mark Steeden 2 Greg Hackers 3 John Caplen

Gp10 1 Keith Ball 2 Jack Pavey

Gp11 1 Claire Blackman 2 Anna Vihrogonova 3 Paul Cullern

Gp12 1 Julie Parker 2 M Asim Yusuf 3 Barrie Incledon

Semi Finals

Mark Steeden beat Claire Blackman -9 9 7 4

Keith Ball beat Julie Parker 7 -8 6 9


Mark Steeden beat Keith Ball -10 10 10 6


Open Singles Plate

Quarter Final Groups

Gp13 1 Patrick Jeffery 2 Chris Jeffery 3 Patrick Walton

Gp14 1 Nigel Incledon 2 Stephen Maher

Gp15 1 Sam Woodcock 2 Noel Arasaratnam 3 Jim Bradford

Gp16 1 Brooke Palmer 2 Jordan Chung

Semi Finals

Patrick Jeffery beat Sam Woodcock 7 -10 -10 11 7

Brooke Palmer beat Nigel Incledon 3 3 7


Patrick Jeffery beat Brooke Palmer 7 7 -9 -3 4


Ladies Singles


1= S1 Jill Shipton and Anna Vihrogonova 

2= Julie Parker and Claire Blackman 

5 Brooke Palmer

Ladies Singles Final 

S1 Jill Shipton beat Anna Vihrogonova -9 12 7 2


Ladies Singles Restricted

Julie Parker beat Claire Blackman -10 5 -6 10 9


Ladies Singles Plate Winner Brooke Palmer 


Mens Doubles

Round 1 Preliminary

Martin Ball/Terry Clapperton bt Greg Hackers/Sam Woodcock

Dave McAulay/Raghu Malhotra beat Jack Pavey/John Caplen

Will Wrapson/Rob Hart beat M Asim Yusuf/ Paul Cullern

Paul Godson/Adam Simpson beat Barrie Incledon/Nigel Incledon

Tim Vaughan/Robert Parkes beat Patrick Jeffery/Chris Jeffery

Jordan Chung/Jim Bradford bye to Plate

Tim Noble/Mark Steeden beat Noel Arasaratnam/Shevron McDonald

Ken Hewett/Keith Ball beat Stephen Maher/Patrick Walton

Winners progress into Mens Doubles QF and losers into Plate QF

Quarter Final Groups

Gp1 1 

1 Martin Hewett/Richard Beckham 2 Will Wrapson/Rob Hart 3 Tim Noble/Mark Steeden


1 Peter Ives/Peter Davis 2 Ken Hewett/Keith Ball 3 Paul Godson/Adam Simpson


1 Martin Ball/Terry Clapperton 2 Tim Vaughan/Robert Parkes 3 Wayne Matthews/Wayne Youngs


1 Miro Danadzhiev/Petar Tancevski 2 Dave McAulay/Raghu Malhotra

Group Winner to Mens Doubles SF and runners up into Restricted SF

Semi Finals

S1 Martin Hewett/Richard Beckham beat Martin Ball/Terry Clapperton 4 7 4

S2 Peter Ives/Peter Davis beat S4 Miro Danadzhiev/Petar Tancevski -6 8 5 8


S2 Peter Ives/Peter Davis beat S1 Martin Hewett/Richard Beckham -10 -14 9 9 8


Mens Doubles Restricted

Semi Finals

Tim Noble/Mark Steeden beat Tim Vaughan/Robert Parkes 10 -6 -5 6 9

Dave McAulay/Raghu Malhotra beat Ken Hewett/Keith Ball 7 7 7


Dave McAulay/Raghu Malhotra beat Tim Noble/Mark Steeden 5 9 9


Mens Doubles Plate

Quarter Final Groups

Gp5 1 Greg Hackers/Sam Woodcock 2 M Asim Yusuf/Paul Cullern 3= Patrick Jeffery/Chris Jeffery Noel Arasaratnam/Shevron McDonaldGp6 1 Jack Pavey/John Caplen 2 Jordan Chung/Jim Bradford 3 Barrie Incledon/Nigel Incledon 4 Stephen Maher/Patrick Walton

Group Winner to Plate Final


Greg Hackers/Sam Woodcock beat Jack Pavey/John Caplen -6 -4 7 12 11


Mixed Doubles

Quarter Final

Wayne Matthews/Julie Parker beat Jordan Chung/Brooke Palmer 7 6 4 

Semi Finals

Wayne Matthews/Julie Parker beat S1Peter Ives/Jill Shipton 3 -3 -5 10 10

S2 Richard Beckham/Anna Vihrogonova beat Petar Tancevski/Claire Blackman 9 6 3


S2 Richard Beckham/Anna Vihrogonova beat Wayne Matthews/Julie Parker 9 3 -6 7.




Saturday 25th April 2015

The Maidstone Y Centre


Just like the main closed tournament in January this competition of Junior, Senior, Veteran and Handicap events produced some excellent table tennis and tight matches throughout its events. All events were played in groups of three through to the semi final knockout.

The Handicap event had the largest entry number. Players were playing for The Barrie and Eve Skates Trophy.

These games were played to 21 pts. There was one tied game decided by the penultimate point rule and numerous games that were decided by 1 or 2 points. There were some not so close but a few groups went to count back on points difference. It always prove a popular event for competitors, who like to be able to play the stronger players on more even basis. 

The results were;


Gp1 1st W Matthews 2nd M Bull 3rd DRisby (dntu)

Gp2 1st M Danadzhiev 2nd J Caplen 3rd J Risby (dntu)

Gp3 1st W McCarthy 2nd P Tancevski 3rd J Bradford

Gp4 1st M Ball 2nd G Minter 3rd S Woodcock

Gp5 1st J Parker 2nd T Vaughan 3rd R Hunt

Gp6 1st P Godson 2nd T Smith 3rd D Holland

Gp7 1st D Williams 2nd P Cullern 3rd T Clapperton


Gp1 1st W Matthews 2nd J Patker 3rd P Cullern

Gp2 1st P Tancevski 2nd M Danadzhiev 3rd P Godson

Gp3 1st W McCarthy 2nd D Williams 3rd D Holland

Gp4 1st M Ball 2nd J Pavey 3rd M Bull


W Matthews beat W McCarthy 48-43 and M Ball beat P Tancevski 52-43


M Ball beat W Matthews 49-46



Gp1 1st J Caplen 2nd R Hunt 

Gp2 1st A Simpson 2nd G Minter 

Gp3 1st T Clapperton 2nd J Bradford 3rd P Walton

Gp4 1st T Smith 2nd J Shipton 3rd S Woodcock


T Clapperton beat J Caplen 56-46 and A Simpson beat T Smith 58-50


T Clapperton beat A Simpson 55-49


The Veterans event for The Gordon Harris Trophy was the second highest entry. 

The results were:


Gp1 1st M Hewett 2nd G Minter 3rd J Caplen

Gp2 1st P Ives 2nd K Hewett 3rd J Bradford

Gp3 1st W Matthews 2nd J Parker 3rd D Holland

Gp4 1st M Ball 2nd T Smith 3rd P Walton

Gp5 1st P Godson 2nd J Pavey 3rd R Hunt

Gp6 1st J Shipton 2nd P Cullern 3rd M Bull D Risby (dntu)


Gp1 1st M Hewett 2nd T Smith 3rd J Pavey 

Gp2 1st P Ives 2nd J Parker

Gp3 1st W Matthews 2nd J Shipton 3rd K Hewett

Gp4 1st M Ball 2nd P Godson 3rd G Minter 


M Hewett bt W Matthews 8 9 -4 -9 13 and P Ives bt M Ball 8 7 9


M Hewett bt P Ives 7 6 -6 13



Gp1 1st J Caplen 2nd M Bull 3rd P Walton

Gp2 1st P Cullern 2nd R Hunt 3rd Jim Bradford and D Holland


J Caplen bt R Hunt 5 4 7 and P Cullern bt M Bull 2 -5 7 7


J Caplen bt P Cullern 8 -12 3 8 


The Seniors event was a new event to provide equal opportunity for all age ranges, in this case under 40. 

The results were;


Gp1 1st M Danadzhiev 2nd W McCarthy 3rd T Clapperton 

Gp2 1st A Simpson 2nd P Tancevski 3rd D Williams 

Gp3 1st T Vaughan 2nd S Woodcoock 3rd J Risby (dntu) 


Gp1 1st P Tancevski 2nd M Danadzhiev 

Gp2 1st W McCarthy 2nd A Simpson 3rd T Vaughan 


Petar Tancevski beat William McCarthy 8 8 8



Terry Clapperton beat Dave Williams 8 10 8


The Junior event was not well supported. The Junior entry were as result allowed to play in the Senior event.

William McCarthy took the Junior title from Jordan Chung (who unfortunately had to withdraw through illness). 


Overall the numbers were not as high as expected, given having the split weekends for the two tournament days had been suggested would encourage participation. It was though impacted by the only available date for this competition falling outside the league playing season. Additionally we had five drop outs, two in advance, one the night before from the Junior event and two did not shows. In fact we came to an arrangement to share the weekend with The Kent Senior Closed to take place on Sunday 26th April (halving our table hire costs). Again the Kent Messenger came along and took pictures, among them the oldest (Jim) and youngest (William) which speaks volumes of table tennis.


Sunday 11th January 2015

The Maidstone Y Centre

In its 95th anniversary year the Maidstone and District Table Tennis Association Closed Tournament produced some excellent table tennis and tight matches throughout all its events. 

In the blue riband event Phil Tomas became champion taking The Brian Fuller Open Singles Trophy overcoming Peter Ives. Phil and Peter respectively put out last years finalists Phil Morford and Martin Hewett.  In the quarter final Peter Ives overcame Wayne Matthews but only 14-12 in the fifth in what was a superb and tense match where the initiative swayed from one player to another.

The Ladies title went to Jill Shipton, holding onto her crown from last year. Gill Skilbeck again took the runner up spot after they both beat Julie Parker, Debbie Holland and Christina Finn (nee Walton) in the group rounds with Julie taking the Ladies Restricted title.

In all other events there were new winners, after some upsets where lower rated players overcame higher opposition. Nowhere was this better shown than Jordan Chung and Sam Woodcock, the lowest rated doubles pairing from division 4, getting through their group and then knocking out the Mens Plate Doubles title holders to reach the final before succumbing to evergreen Graham Minter and Jack Pavey in a four leg final. Some other evergreen players who have participated in the league for many decades gained medals and presented the medals - John Caplen as The Open Plate Singles winner, Ken Hewett as The Open Intermediate Singles runner up, Martin Hewett taking third place in the Open Singles with Jack Pavey presenting the singles medals, Jim Bradford presenting the doubles medals and Rob Hart the mixed doubles.

There were a number of family pairs were the draw unkindly threw them together to play each other in various rounds, Nick and Peter Stokes, Martin and Ken Hewett, Christina and Patrick Walton, Debbie and Terry Holland. In each case the younger member beat their elder.

The tournament ran with twelve tables in use and at the end there were some tired players, who had been kept busy. The 47 entries playing around 160 games in 7 different singles and 4 doubles competitions held in the tournament's 8 hour duration. The venue at The Maidstone Y Centre in Loose made an excellent location for table tennis and thanks go to all the players and organisers for a good tournament.

It was excellent this year that all the entered players turned up, keeping their entry committment and thus helping to maintain a full schedule of matches for everybody. The finalists in the Open Singles playing 7 games and those (which is minimum for most players) knocked out in the QF groups playing 5 games. The Mens Doubles and Ladies finalists all played 4 games and again those knocked out in the QF groups getting 3 games. The Mixed Doubles was a shorter affair starting at a QF knockout and concluded the tournament, after which came the taking down of the tables and hardware. A big thank you to all those who put up tables in the morning and took them down in the evening. The games started some twenty five minutes later than the intended 9am (as tables had to be put out having been used for a Kent Schools Development Coaching and Tournament the preceding day but which had to taken down on Saturday due to a roller skating event) but it was pleasing that the Mixed Doubles final was completed at the scheduled 5.30pm finish time, bringing the day to an excellent conclusion.

We can report the raffle realised a profit towards tournament costs of £67.40. The 1st prize of £30 Bribar voucher went to Peter Stokes, 2nd prize of Bribar £20 voucher went to Jim Bradford and 3rd prize of Famous Grouse Whiskey went to the McCarthy family. There were also minor prizes for box of chocolates, babycham and ladies items.


The Open Singles 2015 Champion and Runner Up

 Phil Thomas beat Peter Ives 11-4 13-11 13-11

The Open Singles 2015 Third and Fourth

Martin Hewett beat Phil Morford 8-11 7-11 13-11 11-7 11-6
Open Restricted Singles

Petar Tancevski beat Nick Stokes 11-7 11-8 11-13 11-4
Open Intermediate Singles
Peter Stokes beat Ken Hewett 11-8 11-6 11-5
Open Plate Singles 
John Caplen beat Paul Cullern 16-14 11-5 13-11
Ladies Singles Champion and Runner Up
Jill Shipton beat Gill Skilbeck 7-11 11-8 11-3 11-5
Ladies Restricted Singles
Julie Parker beat Debbie Holland 11-3 11-4 11-5
Ladies Plate Winner
Christina Finn
Mens Doubles Champion and Runner Up

Martin Hewett/Phil Morford beat Peter Ives/Peter Davis 11-6 11-6 11-3
Mens Restricted Doubles
Miro Danadzhiev/Petar Tancevski beat Martin Ball/Roger Harris 12-10 11-7 6-11 11-6
Mens Plate Doubles
Graham Minter/Jack Pavey beat Jordan Chung/Sam Woodcock 11-8 11-8 10-12 11-6

Mixed Doubles Champion and Runner Up
Jill Shipton/Peter Ives beat Gill Skilbeck/Adam Simpson 11-8 9-11 11-8 5-11 12-10

Player of Tournament 

Lots of good performances so no single winner but Special Mention is made of Jordan Chung and Sam Woodcock who combined to overcome much higher rated opponents in the Mens Plate Doubles QF groups and SF to reach the final.




The Jenny Phillips Open Singles 2014 Champion and Runner Up

Tom Faulkner beat William McCarthy 9-11 9-11 11-8 11-4 11-5

The Under 21 Open Restricted 2014 Winner and Runner Up

Chris Seal beat Sam Woodcock 11-3 11-3 11-4

The Under 21 Open Plate 2014 Winner and Runner Up

Patrick Jeffery beat Jordan Chung 11-7 8-11 15-13 12-10


Group Matches

2.15 pm Chris Seal beat Jordon Chung 3-0 Tom Faulkner beat Sam Woodcock 3-0

2.30 pm  William McCarthy beat Patrick Jeffery 3-0 Tom Faulkner beat Jordan Chung 3-0

2.45 pm Chris Seal beat Patrick Jeffery 3-0 William McCarthy beat Sam Woodcock 3-0

3.00 pm Chris Seal beat Sam Woodcock 3-0 Tom Faulkner beat Patrick Jeffery 3-0

3.15m William McCarthy beat Jordan Chung 3-0 Sam Woodcock beat Patrick Jeffery 3-0

3.30 pm William McCarthy beat Chris Seal 2-1 

3.45m Tom Faulkner beat Chris Seal 3-0 Sam Woodcock beat Jordan Chung 2-1

4.00 pm Tom Faulkner beat William McCarthy 2-1 Jordan Chung beat Patrick Jeffery 3-0


1st Tom Faulkner 5 wins (legs won 14 lost 1)

2nd William McCartthy 4 wins (legs won 12 lost 3)

3rd Chris Seal 3 wins (legs won 10 lost 5)

4th Sam Woodcock 2 wins (legs won 5 lost 10)

5th Jordan Chung 1 win (legs won 1 lost 14)

6th Patrick Jeffery 0 wins (legs won 0 lost 15)


Chris Seal - seed 1 - The Y/Coxheath - 3rd - plays in The Under 21 Restricted Final

Tom Faulkner - seed 2 - The Y/ Coxheath - 1st - plays in The Jenny Philips Open Singles Final

William McCarthy - seed 3 - Barming - 2nd  - plays in The Jenny Philips Open Singles final

Jordan Chung - seed 4 - Larkfield - 5th - plays in The Under 21 Plate Final

Sam Woodcock - seed 5 - Sutton Valence - 4th - plays in The Under 21 Restricted Final

Patrick Jeffery - seed 6 - Larkfield - 6th - plays in The Under 21 Plate final.


Tournament held on 30th November at Beechwood Community Centre, Barming.

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