Handicap Trophy Rules

Quick reference for HANDICAP competition.

Club Secretaries are provided with player handicap lists and they are also updated on the web site.

PLEASE CHECK BEFORE EACH ROUND to ensure you are up to date.

THE ALLEN COOPER TROPHY is played as best of 3 LEGS up to 21 POINTS There is NO DEUCE. It is first to 21 and then leg ends. Service change is every 5 points after the first services which may be less than 5. i.e. game may start 0 – 8, then the first server has two (2) serves.

There is A Player Handicap Difference Chart which must be used to obtain the starting score, with the higher ranked player always starting on “0”.


This handicap competition is run in Allen’s memory.

He was a gifted all-rounder, a left hander and a great competitor. He served on the Maidstone committee from the 1983 and took up the Chair until his early passing in 1997. He played with a smile on his face and if he could speak to you now he would urge you to have fun playing.


The MDTTA league & TTE rules apply except as below.

Player Qualification

1.1. Any player who has registered and played in the league is eligible for handicap matches, unless their team has withdrawn from the competition.

1.2. Teams should play Handicap matches with their registered league players whenever possible, but in the event of not being able to field a team, they may use any other registered club member who has played at least one league match.

1.3. The first named team in the group or knockout stage will be the HOME team. The match will be played on the HOME teams normal league evening, unless communicated otherwise. It is advised that the home team confirms to the away team, the venue and day (date).

1.4. It is the home teams responsibility to provide refreshments.

2. Competition Format

2.1. The competition will initially be played on a group basis. The group Winners and Runners Up will progress to the main knockout competition, the 3rd & 4th teams will play in the knockout consolation event.

2.2. The finalists from both events will play on a staged finals night, where the winners and runners up of both events will receive their trophies.

3. Matches Format

3.1. Nine singles games will be played but no doubles. All nine games must be played in the group matches, so that final positions can be ascertained. It is hoped that in the knockout rounds the matches are also completed.

3.2. Each game is best of 3 legs, up to 21 points (no deuce is played i.e. first to 21 ends leg).

3.3. Each leg starts with higher ranked player on “0”. Service change is every 5 points after the first services which may be less than 5.

3.4. Each player receives an Individual Handicap.

3.5. In group matches, where a match is not played the defaulting team shall score 0 and the non-defaulting team shall score 9

3.6. When an approved postponement or rearrangement occurs, it is conditional on the match being played before the date of the next round of matches.

4. Results

4.1. The home team shall enter the match scorecard onto the computer asap after the match.

5. Handicaps

5.1. The Handicap Chart will show each players handicap.

5.2. The difference chart must be used to obtain the starting score, with the higher ranked player always starting on “0”.

5.2. Player handicaps will be sent out the week preceding each round and notified to Club Secretaries, and Team Captains The handicaps will also be posted on the website.

5.3. Handicaps will not normally be altered for the group matches. But may be revised for the knockout stages.

5.4. Should you have any query please contact the Handicap Coordinator.



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