Hard Bat Competition

To try to get everyone together we have decided to run a hard bat competition to get the league under way and bring players together after such a long layoff.

Bats will be supplied by M&DTTA and the competition will follow roughly the PING PONG format. There will be lots of games so please give us your support.

Entries must be in by Friday 15th October.


M&DTTA Hard Bat entry form 2021


Hard Bat Start times

The 8.45 am players are:-

Noel Arasaratnam

Joe Boyle

John Clark

Bob Cox

Paul Godson

Phil Harvey

Shev McDonald

Jennifer Meredith

Rahul Parakh

Alok Palipati

Anshul Palipati

Ashok Sharma

Jill Shipton

Barry Skates

Mark Steeden

Haydn Vaughan

Tim Vaughan

Sam Woodcock.

These people have been asked to arrive at 9.30 am.

Richard Bashford

Chris Byers

Dave Clapperton

Paul Frank

Ken Hewett

Martin Hewett

Barrie Incledon

Ming Major

Tim Noble

Hugh O Neill

Julie Parker

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