(Affiliated to Table Tennis England and Surrey T.T.A.)




President: John Barker


Hon. Treasurer                                             Chairman                 TT365 Administrator

  Simon Fisher                                         Chris Harper                  Graham Hansen


The President of the League

Members of the Executive Council

Secretaries of Affiliated Clubs

Team Captains



The Annual General Meeting of the League will be held on Thursday, 25th July 2019 at Eldon Phab Hall, Dering Place, Dering Road, Croydon, commencing at 8.00 p.m.


League Affiliation fee will be £40 per team (plus a £7 TT365 fee for each player registered)


The Affiliation fee will be due by the AGM and should be brought to the meeting with the entry form or sent to Honorary Treasurer, Simon Fisher, 111 Lammas Avenue, Mitcham, CR4 2LZ.





1.       Apologies for absence


2.       Minutes of the 2018 AGM


3.       Chairman/ Secretary’s report


4.       Treasurer’s report


5.       Table Tennis England/ Surrey T.T.A membership fees/ information


6.       Proposals for Rule changes (see attached sheet)


7.       Season Format


8.       Election of League Officials


9.       Any Other Business


10.   Presentation of trophies by the President.


Please ensure that all clubs/ teams are represented.


Any voting will be in accordance with Rule 21.





Chris Harper



28 June 2019

Proposals for Rule changes:


Chris Posford (Eldon): Revert to naming divisions 1, 2, 3 and 4


Committee:  Rule 44 delete ‘In possession of a handbook’.


Dave Gabriel (Wickham Park): Proposal to change Rule 22


Current Rule


22. The practice of 2 up and 2 down promotion and relegation at the end of each season will depend on the number of teams entered.  The Executive Council will give obvious preference to the previous seasons team positions and consider any new team requests that may arise.


To Be Replaced with:-

22. (i) Where there are (10?) teams or more in the top division, then 2 teams will be relegated & promoted to that division. Where there are(9?) teams or less in the top division, then only 1 team will be relegated & promoted. 

(ii) Where there are (8?) teams or more in all other divisions, then the winners & runners up     shall be promoted, other than promotion to the top division, which is dictated by rule (i). The two teams finishing at the bottom of these divisions shall be relegated, unless the division below has (7?) teams or less, in which case only one team will be relegated. Where divisions have (7?) teams or less, then only 1 team from that division will be relegated & promoted.

The Executive Council may, at its discretion, consider any requests that may arise, from both existing & new teams, to be placed in a higher or lower division, subject to playing standards & availability. The Executive Council will always have the final decision on any promotion/relegation issues & may, in exceptional circumstances, choose not to promote teams should the need to restructure any divisions arise.


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