Constitution and League Rules




The name of the league shall be “The Croydon Table Tennis League” and its objects shall be to further the interests of competitive table tennis in the Croydon area.


The League shall consist of duly elected Officers and Affiliated clubs.



Every club in membership of the league shall complete annually the affiliation form in force at the time, and return it to the General Secretary by the date of the AGM.  New clubs will submit a completed affiliation form which will be offered for membership, then its approval by the AGM.


No payment shall be made or reward given to any person in any competition, tournament or match organized by the League other than prizes of a reasonable number and value, competed for and won.





The annual Affiliation Fee per team shall be determined and notified to each club by the Executive Council prior to the AGM and this fee to be paid to the League not later than 31st August.



The Affiliation Fee per team will entitle those players (total 5) listed in descending order on the Player Registration form, to a copy of the League handbook. Additional players can be registered up to 31st January next for the appropriate fee.

“Additional Players” are those which make average number in excess of 5 per team per club.


In the event of the League being dissolved and the disposal of any assets will be decided by a Special General Meeting called for that purpose.


No member shall receive payment for services.






The Honorary Officers of the League shall be President, Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Divisional Secretaries or Secretaries.

All Officers shall retire at the AGM and shall apply for re-election.


The affairs of the League shall be administered by the Executive Council, consisting of Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Divisional Secretaries or Secretaries, and not less than 4 or more than 6 Registered Members, all elected at the AGM.


The Executive Council shall meet not less than five times in each season and the quorum for such meeting shall be 5.


Every question at a meeting of the Council shall be decided by a majority vote of those present and voting, every member shall have 1 vote.  The Chairman has a casting vote.


The Executive Council shall have the power to fill casual vacancies.


The Executive Council shall have the power to fine or expel any club whose conduct it considers prejudicial to the interests of the League.  Fines can be levied.


The Executive Council shall have the power to decide any questions of rules interpretation, and to decide any question not specifically provided for therein.  Its decision shall be binding upon the Club or Clubs concerned subject to the right of appeal to an AGM or Special General Meeting.


The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than 15th September to receive reports of the Executive Council and the audited statement of accounts; Elect Officers, Executive Council, Auditor, and to transact any other competent business.


Notice of the AGM shall be sent to all member clubs at least 21 days before the date fixed for the meeting.


Any proposed alteration to the League Rules shall be sent in writing to the General Secretary by 31st May  for submission to the AGM and notice of such proposed alteration shall be incorporated in the notice of the AGM.


Attendance at an Annual or Special General Meeting shall be open to all “Registered Members” as defined by Table Tennis England.


A Special General Meeting may be convened at any time by the Executive Council or within 5 weeks of receipt by the General Secretary of a petition signed by authorised representatives of not less than one quarter of the Member Clubs.  For such a meeting the notification and voting procedure shall be as specified in rules 17, 19 and 21.


Every question at an AGM shall be decided by a majority of those teams present and voting, every member team having 1 vote. The Chairman shall have a casting vote.



League Competition


The practice of 2 up and 2 down promotion and relegation at the end of each season will depend on the number of teams entered.  The Executive Council will give obvious preference to the previous seasons team positions and consider any new team requests that may arise.


The winners in each division shall be given suitable prizes.  3 Individual prizes per team are awarded.  Extra trophies can be acquired.  When divisions are larger than 8 teams then runners-up prizes could be awarded.


Where 2 or more teams are level on points in a division the relative positions shall be decided by the number of matches won, drawn and lost.  A play off will be arranged if needed to decide, the winning of a division, promotion or relegation.


Should a team withdraw from the league before fulfilling its fixtures, its record shall be deleted from the league table, except at Council’s discretion.


The Executive Council shall issue a fixture list.  Matches will be played during the week shown on the list, on the appropriate home night shown, but if both teams agree, it may be played on another night during that week.

No matches may be postponed without permission from the Divisional Secretary.


When a match is postponed outside of rule 26 limits, then only those registered players at the time of the original match can play in the re-arranged match.  Where both team captains agree to postpone a match during the first half of the season, that match must be played before 31st December.  Where home venue is a problem re-arrange the fixture. Matches in the first half of the season not re-arranged/played by 31st December will be declared void.


Matches postponed during the second half of the season must be played before the end of the last fixture week or will be void. The Divisional Secretary MUST be informed of ALL new match dates.


If a team DOES NOT ATTEND a scheduled match their opponents will be awarded the full points.


NO matches will be decided by the Executive Council.


The non-availability of a team’s strongest player is not a valid reason to postpone a match.  Reserve or, where possible, players from a lower team within the club must be used.


Where any problems otherwise arise the Divisional Secretary is the first contact, who may then refer to the Executive Council.



Match Procedure


Each team will usually consist of 3 players.  Each player shall play all 3 opponents and 2 players from either side shall play a doubles set. Each set being the best of 5 games.  Up to 11 points per game unless the score is 10-10 then the first player to gain a 2 point lead wins.


A team shall be awarded 1 point for each set won.


Where a team fields only 2 players, that team will forfeit 3 points to their opponents.


Where both teams only field 2 players there will be 5 points to play for and 2 points awarded to both teams.


All matches shall be played to a finish. If through absence of a player or players, or for any other reason the match is not finished then both team captains shall send a report to the Divisional Secretary AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


Matches shall begin at 7.30pm.  2 members of each team shall be present at 7.30pm and both teams should be complete by 8.15pm unless otherwise advised or agreed by mutual consent.


Where there is no agreement the sets of any player not present by 8.15pm will go by default to the opposition.


The captain of the home team will send to the Divisional Secretary the detailed result of the match AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


All matches to be played with a ball currently approved by Table Tennis England.


Playing conditions should conform as closely as possible to those recommended by Table Tennis England.  A complaint about playing conditions will be investigated by the Executive Council whose ruling will be binding on the club concerned.





No Player can be registered with the League or can play for any club in the League unless such player is individually registered with Table Tennis England.  Individual player registration is renewed annually, on or after 1st August each year by direct payment to Table Tennis England. A player MUST produce evidence of individual registration to their intended club in order that these details are forwarded to the League Secretary.


A minimum number of 4 players per team is required.  No player shall take part in a League match unless they are in possession of a handbook.  No player may be registered after 31st January next, unless the Executive Council agrees.


Clubs must register their players in ranking order.  The clubs 2 top ranked players in each team must play 40% or more of total league games available.  Teams not complying with this rule will have ineligible players games deducted, unless the Executive Council decides that exceptional circumstances apply.


If a club enters more than 1 team, the players registered for each team shall be higher in the clubs ranking than the players registered for lower teams.


A higher ranked player will be allowed to play for a lower team provided that Executive Council are notified at the start of the season.  Any player so registered CANNOT play as a reserve for a higher team.  Club player rankings require approval of the Divisional Secretary.


A player playing for a team higher to that which they are registered on more than 4 occasions will become a member of the next higher team – except if a breach of rule 47 is obvious then that particular player’s points will not count.


Any application for the transfer of a player to a team of another club, or to a lower team of the same club shall be made in writing to the Hon. Secretary, giving a reason for the application.  A player who is the subject of such an application will not take part in League competition until a decision is made and notified to the club by the Executive Council.


Any club in breach of rules 22 to 48 inclusive shall be liable to a fine and the forfeiture of sets or points as determined by Executive Council.  Fines levied shall be paid to the Treasurer within 14 days of notification.

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