Cup Competition Rules


The cup competitions are open to all clubs registered with the Croydon Table Tennis League


There will usually be two competitions.  An Open cup and a handicap cup, open to all teams.A competition may be deleted or suspended at the discretion of the Executive Council; due to lack of entries or any valid reason.



Teams can use reserve players in a subsequent round but only players who have NOT played can play in a higher team.


The Open cup will be held during a week in November and played to reach the semi-final stage.  A doubles game will be played at game 3 in this 5 match competition.


The Handicap cup will be held during a week in February following and played to reach semi-final stage.  This event is a 5 match competition.


Teams will be asked to confirm entry for either competition near the time. 3 player teams for both events.


A finals night will be convened during April to complete both competitions.


Handicap cup semi-finalists will have to have played for their team in league competition. If a player is required to play up then rule 3 applies.


Players selected to play in the Open cup semi-finals and final must have played one third of the team’s league matches. The Divisional Secretary’s latest divisional table will be referred to where eligibiityof a player is questioned.


All matches will be played to a finish.


The Open cup will be the best of 3 sets 11 up.


The Handicap cup will be the best of 3 sets 11 up.


Handicapping will be points per division.


Players of a lower division team in the Handicap cup will start with a score of 5 points when playing teams of a higher division.  Higher division players could start with a minus score against a team from a lower division.


Evaluation of points start for either team will commence at zero in the handicap event.

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