Forehand Drive

The forehand drive is an attacking stroke played against long or medium length balls.




  • Start in the ready position.


  • Rotate your body to the right, turning your hips.

  • Elbow and bat rotate back with you.

  • Close the bat angle.

  • Shift your weight on to your back foot, right foot for a right-handed player.

  • The body moves the arm, not the arm moving the body.


  • Hips and shoulders rotate forwards to meet ball.

  • The arm moves forward with body.

  • Accelerate forearm slightly as you make contact.

  • Weight transfers forwards to the front foot.

  • Bat angle stays closed throughout shot.

  • Hit the ball at the peak of the bounce and out in front of you.

  • Keep a small gap between your elbow and your body.


  • Follow through, forward and upward.

  • The bat should finish pointing in the direction you have hit the ball.

  • Return to the ready position.



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