National Junior League Report - 9 March 2019

The last round of North London Region National Junior League matches for 2018/19 was held at Ellenborough TTC, Enfield on Saturday 9 March 2019. After the third round of matches Chelmsford A were still in second position in Division 2, but they were now seven points behind the leaders Elmgreen DTTC in the most competitive of the four Divisions. As for the B Team they led Division 4 by six points over Fusion TTC 2 and the two teams would meet in the last match of the day.

The A Team comprised of their normal team of Aidan Noguchi, Charlie Craig and Harry Buckle. The B Team were Vineeth Kamma, Joachin Mapes and Sudheep Kamma. The A Team’s first match was again against Elmgreen DTTC and both teams fielded the same teams again.Having lost the previous three matches to their opponents the A team needed a good win to close the gap.

Alas Elmtree were determined to claim the title and Emillio, Juan and Dannor each won their first two matches to set up a 6-0 lead, only Harry got close to a win when losing 12-14, 10-12, 13-11, 6-11 to Juan. Aidan and Charlie lost both their matches 3-0. Harry saved the whitewash when defeating Dannor 9, 12, 5 but with Charlie and Aidan both losing their matches 3-0 the Team slipped down to third place with the 8-1 defeat, their biggest defeat of the season.

Their next match was against Twickenham Brunswick, who were bottom of the Division, mainly because they only had two players in the previous round of matches. Each team won three of the first six matches. Harry beat both Adam Gold and Joshua Gubby and Aidan also beat Adam. Chelmsford won the last three matches, Charlie beat Adam for his first win of the day, Aidan beat Joshua 14-12 in the deciding game and Harry his match 13-11 in the fourth game against Harshi Shah for a 6-3 win.

The final match of the season was against Ellenborough B who they needed to beat to finish in second place. Ellenborough fielded the same team as in the previous match, Victor Ostapenko, Richard Huang and Max Gunpot which they won 6-3. In a marathon match Aidan gained revenge over Victor by the narrowest of margins, a real nail biting decider 11-7, 12-10, 11-13, 9-11, 17-15. Harry lost to Richard again as did Charlie to Max, both 3-0. Aidan and Charlie then lost their respective matches to Richard and Victor, each 3-0 for the Team to be 4-1 down and thus unable to regain second place. Harry then beat Max 3-0 while Charlie lost 3-0 to Richard. Harry finished the day with a 3-0 win over Victor while Aidan was involved in another five game match against Max, eventually winning -6, 7, -9, 6, 9. A 5-4 defeat.  

Harry 6 out of 9, Aidan 4 out of 9 and Charlie 1 out of 9.


                                                    P          W         L          Pts

Elmgreen DTTC                       12        10        2          67

Ellenborough B                       12          6         6         56

Chelmsford A                          12          4         8          53

Twickenham Brunswick A      12         4         8          40


At the start of the final day the B Team had a six point lead over Fusion TTC 2 at the top of the Table. Their first match was against Mossford 3 who only had two players, Arjun Thasarathakumar and Yuvraj Singh. Vinneth Kamma, Joachin Mapes and Sudheep Kamma won all their matches 3-0 for a 9-0 win.

They now played Twickenham Brunswick C who they had beaten 6-3 last time. Louis McPhee and Oliver Dugaric were again their opponents and Billy-Ray Edwards was the third member of their team. In the opening two matches Vineeth beat Louis 6, -5, 10, 12 and Joachin needed five games to overcome Oliver 8, 9. -9, -11, 2. Later on Sudheep needed a fourth game to win against both Oliver and Louis and the other five matches were all won 3-0 for a 9-0 win.

Their final match was against the current runners up Fusion 2 who, with only two players Kevin Luu and Felix Jones, were now twelve points behind the B Team meaning that the B Team had already won the Division. Vineeth and Joachin both lost to Felix, -8, 11, -10, 5, 5 and -10, -9, 9, 2, 10 respectively while Sudheep won both the matches that he played, -5, 8, -12, 6, 7 over Kevin and 6, -5, 5, 4 against Felix. Vineeth beat Kevin 3-0 for the 6-3 win.

Vineeth 6 out of 7, Joachin 5 out of 7 and Sudheep 7 out of 7.



                                                 P          W         L          Pts

Chelmsford B                        12        12         0          86

Fusion TTC 2                          12          8         4          71

Twickenham Brunswick C   12          2        10         38

Mossford C                             12         2        10         19


Well done to the Team which also included Ben Jackson, Harry and Saul Chivers.

A photo of the presentation to the Team is attached.

Arthur C. Clark - Chelmsford Junior Match Secretary

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