Officers of the Association

(originally compiled by the late Ron Jerome)


Listed below is a brief history of the Officers of the Association, both past and present.


Presidents Life Vice Presidents Chairpersons
E L Townsend1962-75 S Eldon1963-67 J Howard1962-64
A Gilham1975-82 I Farmer1963-68 J Stickland1964-67
F Hayes1983-87 C A Rowland1963-71 B Hartley1967-69
J Strickland1987-92 J Howard1964-2005                            M J Smythe1969-71
Mrs S. Bruton1992-93 J Stickland1967-2005 M Jones1971-72
R Nicholas1993-95 M J Smythe1971-94 G Walters1972-74
A Bruton2021- A Gilham1983-2005 M Lambert1974-75
   Mrs S Bruton1984-2013 E D Holmes1975-77
   A Bruton1985-2021 P Warner1977-78
General Secretaries C Saunders2007- C Gazzard1978-82
M J Smythe1962-69 M Levey2009- J Ridley1982-84
E E Cripps1969-71 D Deacon2009- F Brewster1984-85
Mrs S Fellingham1971-73 Mike Shore2012- D Horth1985-89
M Lambert1973-75 N Lynch2016- M Levey1989-90
D E Connelly1975-76 M Mitcham2022 T Morton1990-94
M J Mundy1976-78    M Levey1994-95
K Langley1978-80 Hon. Treasurers A Bruton1995-2013
A Hardy1980-84 L Biddlecombe1962-67 M Mitcham2013-
T Chatfield1984-85 Mrs J Onley1967-72   
A Gess1985-87 A Gilham1972-81   
B Adams1987-89 N Lynch1981-84   
P Newcomb1989-90 M Shore1984-88 Inter-Town Secretaries
R C Mills1990-96 Miss S Wollard1988-89 E Hills1970-71
Mrs S Bruton1996-98 P Read1989-94 K Fellingham1971-74
K Watson1998-2001 H Collins1994-96 Mrs S Fellingham1974-77
R Mills2001-03 R C Mills1996-2001 M Hayes1977-78
M Shore2003-2012 N Lynch2001- F Hayes1978-79
S Jay2013-2017    J Ridley1979-80
M Mitcham2018-    Mrs S Bruton1980-81
      C Putterford1981-83
   Registration Secretaries Miss J Bull1983-84
Results & Reg. Secretaries T Morton1992-95 B Tucker1984-85
K Fellingham1962-67 S Smith1995-2004 A Bruton1985-86
R Nicholas1967-73 N Lynch2009- M Levey1986-89
A Griffin1973-76    G Civil1989-91
Mrs M Keighley1976-77    A Bruton1991-92
E D Holmes1977-79    C Dias1992-97
K Langley1979-81 Results Secretaries J Spencer1997-2000
A Gess1981-83 P Newcombe1992-94 M Plumridge2000-01
C Putterford1983-84 M Stickland1994-2004 C Banham2001-2006
A Gess1984-87 M Levey2004-05 M Stickland2006-11
M Codd1987-89 M Mitcham2009-13 Mrs S Bruton2011-13
A Gess1989-90 M Codd2013-21 I Cole2013-
P Newcomb1990-92 M Mitcham2021   
M Levey2005-09      
      Coaching Organisers
   RCBTTA Representatives M Lambert1973-74
   Mrs M Carter1963-64 D A Connolly1974-75
Howard Shield Organisers M J Smythe1963-68 R A Chandler1975-76
C Putterford1977-78 Mrs S Fellingham1965-67 T Griffin1976-78
C Gazzard1978-79 J Stickland1967-68 A Bruton1978-84
T Griffin1979-80 F Sillett1968-69 N Ward1988-89
J Ridley1980-82 K Fellingham1968-70 T Carney1988-90
A Gess1982-84 E E Cripps1970-71 P Stearns1990-91
R Nicholas1984-85 G Walters1970-71 B Morten1992-94
M Levey1985-86 J McDonagh1971-72 J Cunningham1996-2009
C Saunders1986-98 M Lambert1972-73   
M Codd1998-2002 M Bullock1972-73   
C Byers2002-09 P Charters1973-75   
A Gess2009-11 F Earls1974-76 Tournament Secretaries
M Mitcham2011- E D Holmes1975-76 B Hartley1966-67
   K Langley1976-77 K Fellingham1967-70
   R Deacon1976-78 E J Hills1970-71
   K Langley1978-80 K Fellingham1971-74
Press Secretaries Mrs S Bruton1980-84 Mrs S Fellingham1974-77
T Yates1967-68 A Bruton1980-84 Miss J Bull1977-78
R E Jerome1968-74 B Adams1984-86 Mrs S Bruton1978-80
R C Chandler1974-76 C Saunders1985-86 S Blyth1980-82
J Ridley1976-77 M Codd1986-87 C Putterford1982-83
E Hills1977-78 D Horth1987-88 Mrs H Putterford1983-84
R E Jerome1978-85 M Shore1988-90 M Levey1986-87
T Chatfield1985-90 Mrs S Bruton1990-91 M Stickland1987-91
J Cunningham1990-2009 A Bruton1990-91 Mrs S Bruton1991-92
   M Chappell1992-98 M Stickland1992-93
   Mr A and Mrs S Bruton2002-13 M Levey1995-97
Match Secretaries M Mitcham & A Bruton
2013-21 S Barnes2001-03
J Stickland1962-64    H Van Henton2004-06
W G Walters1964-67    M Mitcham2007-13
Mrs S Fellingham1967-70    D Holt2013-22



Notes and addendum.

  • Records of officers before 1962 have been lost.
  • Mrs S Fellingham became Mrs S Bruton in 1978.


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