History of the League

(originally compiled by the late Ron Jerome)

Organised table tennis in the Bracknell area began in the mid nineteen-fifties and the league competition was launched in November 1957. The following pages attempt to set out the chief records of the B.I.S.C.A. (later Bracknell and District) Table Tennis League. They relate to the many achievements of clubs and players throughout the league history and to those members who have played an important part in the running and maintenance of the league.

First, a brief chronology of the events leading up to that great day in 1957.


Bracknell was still essentially the same village that it had been since the turn of the century. However, it has already been designated a 'new town' and residents began moving into the first new neighbourhoods, Priestwood, in August of that year.


The first of several industrial enterprises, Fluidrive, moved into Bracknell. They were quickly followed by Kents & Phillips (Kents) and later by Racal and Sperry. These firms formed the nucleus of what was known as the Bracknell Industrial Sports Club Association (B.I.S.C.A.).


The B.I.S.C.A. Table Tennis League was founded and a tournament was held. There were no team competitions in season 1956/57.


The B.I.S.C.A. began its first official season. There were three divisions although the Third consisted of just three teams! Both John Howard and Dennis Coit had played the most prominent part in making the areas' new league a reality. The League started with seventeen teams, but this increased about fivefold by the end of the 1960's and the geographical location of its member clubs had by then moved some way from those originally set by the two industrial estates in Bracknell. In 1969 the B.I.S.CA. League became the Bracknell and District Table Tennis League.

During the 1970's the size of the League grew to a peak of 110 teams in ten divisions. There has been a marked increase in the number of youngsters coming into the game thanks largely to a well-organised coaching scheme. Several individual competitions for all age groups are now held annually. Inter-town tournaments are now a regular part of the local table tennis scene.

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