Chairman                     Steve Carnaby

Vice Chairman            John Hughes

Secretary                     Sandra Moss

Results Secretary        David Mawdesley

Treasurer                     Paul Siney

Fixture Secretary         Tim Holland


Gary Chadwick

                                                            Martin Machin

                                                            Allan Pickford (Honorary member)


Absent:                                            Mike Crook



The Chairman opened the meeting at 8.00 p.m. There were more than 30 attendees at the meeting which was a much improved attendance on previous years.



The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and then read out his report as follows:


‘It is with a degree of sadness, but it must be said, more of relief that I deliver my final report as Chairman.  It has been a privilege to have been part of a proactive Committee for the past decade, however, personal circumstances mean that I can no longer devote the time to the role.


As I look back on last season, it’s fair to say that it has not been without issues. A couple of less than sportsmanlike incidents have slightly undermined our claim to being a friendly league, whilst the continued reluctance of members to volunteer their services to help administer the league is still a matter of concern for the future.


As usual, the divisions were competitive, with Wigan Eagles, Riverside and Piethons all winning their respective leagues with identical records of 20 wins and 2 defeats.  At this point, I would like to thank Wigan Wolves for agreeing to play in Division 1 to avoid there being an imbalance in the structure of the league, after several other more senior teams declined the invite.  I’m sure it served as good experience for the juniors in that team and they will be given the opportunity to do the same again next season should they wish.




The League Knockout was given a makeover with a new handicapping formula suggested by Chris Garfin.  On the whole, it seemes to work effectively, with only slight modifications necessary for next year. Congratulations to Heinz 57 Club for overcoming not only Rainford Storm but their noisy travelling support!!!  In the Plate final, Wigan Chasers beat Leigh Raiders.


As we all know, we trialled incorporating Finals and Presentation Nights as we felt that the format of Presentation Night had become stale.  From the feedback I’ve received, it would appear that, apart from timing issues, which will be addressed in the future, everything went extremely well.  My thanks to everyone who helped to make the evening a success, especially to Martin Machin in his role as MC.  A huge debt of gratitude goes to Mesdames Hayes and Mawdesley in doing such a great job with the catering.


With regard to the Individual Knockouts, we reverted to the evening format of a few years ago as several people had commented that they were against playing at the weekend.  Entry numbers, however, were about 10% down on the previous year and my preferred option would be to play all competitions on a Sunday at one of the local schools with whom we have a good relationship.


The Vets entered 2 teams in the Lancashire & Cheshire League.  Wigan, run by Paul Clark, finished mid table in their Division, although the geography of the league, which included two trips to Barrow, means that we will think long and hard before committing a team next year.  Wigan A, run by Jim Bolton and Geoff Pye, finished a very commendable second in their league and it is encouraging to see different faces representing the league.


As you may have seen from the website, our Juniors continue to make fantastic progress. We have 3 players that have been invited to play in the National Championships, Kate Watkinson (U10 Girls), Frankie McConville (U12 Boys) and Daniel Watkinson (U13 Boys).  Well done to them all and it is a testament to the hard work, dedication and support of them and their coaches and parents. 


Finally, I would sincerely like to thank all members of the Committee past and present for their continued support, especially Paul as Treasurer and Sandra as Secretary.  Without them, as we say each year, the League would not exist.  However, the person that has held everything together for us all has been our Results Secretary.  His diligence to the cause has been undiminished and it is his role that is going to be the most difficult to fill.  No-one has, so far, come forward and I can’t stress enough the need for someone to collate all the scorecards – otherwise it would mean that the Captains from each team would have to submit all results online themselves. Sincerely though, a heartfelt thanks to David for the magnificent job he has done.’


Please accept my apologies if you feel that I’ve left anything out, but thank you for listening and have a good summer.


The Chairman that asked for feedback on the new format of the combined Finals/Presentation night and the comments from those present were ‘Good’, ‘Better than previous year’, Good but could we reposition the table as many people did not get a good view of the finals matches’, ‘Maybe better if it was held at Leigh next year as a better view of the table’.


The Secretary expressed some concern and disappointment in the number of entrants who did not show up for their Individual Knockout competitions and it would be appreciated in the future if they could inform the Secretary if they are unable to be present so as not to disrupt the draw. A big thank you to those who helped out on the six competition evenings.




The Treasurer informed the meeting that we lost revenue at the Finals/Presentation Night as about 10 to 15 people had not turned up although they had requested a ticket and that the sale of tickets this year had involved a great deal chasing up.

He then continued by submitting his report of accounts, a summary of which is shown below:


Summary of the accounts:

Income from League Fees                  £2730.00

Income from Presentation Night        £ 430.00

Income from KO Fees                                    £ 258.00

Other income items                             £ 306.00

Total Income                                       £3724.00


Total Expenditure                               £3018.26

(incl. Trophies, Handbooks & Scorecards, Hire of Platt Bridge Centre, Presentation Night,

TT England Registration, TT365 website, Vets fees, Jnr Comp Fees etc.)


Balance BF from last year                  £3121.92

+ Income from this year                      £3724.00



-          Total expenditure            £3018.26


-          Cash in Bank                £3827.66 




The standard of copies of scorecards, after my initial complaint at our first meeting of the season, had improved considerably, despite being received by me in various formats which I usually managed to work out in the end.  There were no cards received outside the 3 day limit, although 5 or 6 sailed a bit close to the mark. Usually from the same teams which did make me wonder if it was deliberate rather than an oversight. 

My usual useless statistic in view of the extremely lenient rule in Wigan League, which almost means most people can play for whoever they want, when they want, resulted in 34 players playing for teams other than the one they were registered, for a total of 78 times in all.  No team used up its allocation in Division 3 although Piethons did come pretty close.

One player (Gordon Wood) exceeded his permitted number of games but I think this was a case of him being registered for the wrong Standish team in the first place because they did not know much about him at the time he was registered.


In the week beginning 20th February, Carl Murphy, who is a Division 3 registered player for Hindley St Peters, played on a Monday in Division 2 for Pirates and on a Wednesday for Standish B again in Division 2.  His own team played on the Monday with arguably a weakened team.  Whilst this was within the letter of the law, in my opinion is not within the spirit.


Finally, on this my valedictory report as Fixture/Results Secretary I would like to thank all those members who, over the years, have made my job easier (I can count the number as I have two hands!)


I have enjoyed doing the job and have taken some pride since the introduction of the website in the fact that Wigan was probably the leading League in the country for speed in getting match results on its website. Thanks also to the few who contribute to the match reports and sometimes other comments on the forum.  As I have said many times, those who do not read the reports are missing a treat!

I carried on doing this job for a season longer than I had intended but the antics and shenanigans of the minority last season convinced me the time is right to bring my involvement to an end.

Whoever takes over from me, I would encourage them to watch all the help videos on TT365 which really are very good and spell out clearly what is needed to manage a TT league website.





The proposals for changes (in red) to the following 4 current League rules were debated as follows:

Amendments are in RED


No alteration of rules of the league can be made except at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting expressly called for that purpose.  Any proposed alteration of the rules should be sent to the Secretary before the AGM if possible. (must reach the Secretary 28 days before the AGM for any season). (These proposals will be circulated.  Any amendments to the proposals shall be accepted for consideration by the AGM if submitted in writing and received by the Secretary no later than 7 days prior to the AGM).  These proposals will be circulated prior to and at the AGM and any amendments to these or any further proposals will be accepted for consideration. In order that any proposed alteration of rules may be properly debated, the members proposing are required to be present at the meeting. 

 (Proposed by A. Pickford)  PROPOSAL ACCEPTED



Transfer of players from one (club) team to another shall be subject to the sanction of the Executive Committee.  Such players shall receive a ‘clearance note’ from the Secretary/Captain of (his) their old (club) team, which must be forwarded to the League Secretary together with a letter of resignation from the player and a formal application from the player’s new (club) team.  No transfer shall be considered after 31st January in any season.




Teams can call up reserves from a lower division to play for their team on any number of occasions and can be up to two reserves per match. However, individual players can only play up in total for eight games over a season for all teams. In Division three ( or lowest division), teams can call up reserves from within their own division, eight times and can be up to two reserves per match. However, individual players can only play as a reserve within that division in total six times over a season for all teams. Any reserve who exceeds the permitted allowance will be automatically disqualified from playing with their registered team in the lower division. If this circumstance occurs, the player can request that they be re-registered with their original team but this would prohibit the player from playing as a reserve for any team in any division for the rest of the season. Teams in any division cannot call up a reserve if one of their existing registered players is available to play. 



• TEAMS may call on reserves from a lower division to play for their team on any number of occasions and can be up to two reserves per match

• The lowest division TEAM can call on reserves from their division on any number of occasions and can be up to two reserves per match


• TEAMS cannot call up a reserve if one of their registered players is available to play.




• PLAYERS can play up in total 8 times per season


• Lowest division PLAYERS can play as a reserve up to 2 times in their own division with the balance of the 8 games playing up a division


• Once having played their allocation of reserve games, PLAYERS are no longer allowed to play as a substitute – if they do their points won in the extra games will be disallowed.


• Cup games are included but lowest division PLAYERS cannot play for another team in their own division in the cup.


• Any of the 3 player team on the night can form the doubles partnership.


• All PLAYERS must be registered with Wigan Table Tennis League





A scorecard must be filled in for each match (including Team Knockout matches) and signed by both captains.  The home team shall be responsible for e-mailing the completed scorecard to the Results Secretary so that the Results Secretary receives the card within three days of the match. For any scorecards not received within three days, the home team will have twelve league points deducted.






The Chairman reported that two of the current Committee did not wish to be considered for re-election, namely himself (Chairman) and David Mawdesley (Results Secretary).


The Chairman then asked all present if anyone was willing to volunteer for any of these two positions.


Jim Bolton volunteered for the Chairman position and was accepted.


A discussion then took place on how to fill the Results Secretary position as no-one had volunteered for the role as it now stood.  Eventually it was decided that if the role was split so that there was a Results Secretary for each division then this would work better than having results entered by each team Captain.


The following members volunteered for these roles and were accepted:

            Overall Fixture Secretary                    - Tim Holland

            1st Division Results Secretary                         - Tim Holland

            2nd Division Results Secretary                        - Martin Machin

            3rd Division Results Secretary                         - Chris Garfin

David Mawdesley offered to help out with this transition over the next season.


It was then agreed that the remaining members of the Committee would remain (although Mike Crook was not present at the meeting).  Steve Carnaby also requested that he remained as a member of the Committee and Paul Clark also expressed his wish to rejoin the Committee.


Allan Pickford once again offered to tackle setting out the League fixtures when the teams have been submitted for next season and this may need the involvement of a couple more Committee members to see if anyone else can understand this complicated process!




Jim Bolton reminded members that the Champions Challenge competition was to take place the following evening (Friday 19th May) at Leigh Miners and that 4 new players would be taking part this year.  He also thanked Chris Garfin and his team for their support and Wigan Table Tennis League for donating the trophies.


Jim also reported on the Lancashire Closed Competition and the fact that only a very few players took part from Wigan or Warrington Leagues.  It had been a good event, lasting all day, with 37 entrants taking part in 111 events.  There had been slightly less entries that last year but some good Juniors were coming up through the county.


The Chairman thanked Paul Clark for loading photos from the Finals/Presentation night onto the website.  Paul said he was happy to put more content onto the website if required and it was hoped that this would encourage more use of the site in the future. 


Mrs. Watkinson asked if it was possible to generate an email to everyone when content had been added to the website but David Mawdesley replied that he did not think this functionality was available.


Jim Bolton informed the meeting that he may be able to enter another team in the Vets in a lower division next season. Paul Clark added that most eligible players from our league would enjoy the experience.


George Lennon asked that if he were to submit a Cadets team for the league next season would they be allowed to play all their matches on a Friday evening at their home venue (Lowton School).  George stressed that the issue was not particularly with the venue – home or away – but the finishing time of the match for Cadets.  Chris Garfin added that he would expect their home matches to be played at Leigh but no-one else raised a concern. Paul Siney asked if this Cadet team would have an assisting adult present and this was confirmed.


Paul Siney remarked that if the match took place on 2 tables some players would struggle with playing back to back matches and George informed him players would not be expected to play back to back matches.


Paul Clark also raised the point that some players/teams do not like playing their match on 2 tables but Mrs. Watkinson informed the meeting that she had already met with this situation and it had been accepted that the home team informed the visiting team in advance that it was the intention to play on 2 tables and ask if there was any objection.


The Chairman asked George to submit his new team and that we would do our best to accommodate.


The Chairman also reminded those present to submit their teams for next season as soon as possible with a minimum of 4 named team members (forms were distributed at the meeting but further forms will be sent out by the Secretary – closing date for submissions is 31st July 2017)




Thanks from the Committee and all the League members for the contributions of Steve in his role as Chairman and David as Fixture/Results Secretary – many thanks for your time and commitment and outstanding service to the League.





Everyone was thanked for their attendance and the meeting closed at 9.05pm.




Proposer …………………………… Seconder …………………………… Date………….


(Minutes by 





















































































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