The scheduled meetings for the 2018-2019 season are as follows:-


Pre season meeting to collect Handbooks       6 September  2018

League meeting 3 January 2019

League meeting 28 March 2019

All the meetings are on Thursdays and are at St Peter's Pavilion Hindley, commencing 7.30 pm. They will usually be in the committee room on the left of the corridor but may possibly be in the Cross Keys Suite. Please do not attempt to enter the main room.

The meeting on 28 March is also the AGM






PRESENT:      Jim Bolton        - Chairman
                                          Sandra Moss        - League Secretary
                                          David Mawdesley - Fixture Secretary
          Steve Carnaby
      Tim Holland

Apologies from:     John Hughes, Paul Siney, Paul Clark

   Absent:      Mike Crook, Gary Chadwick, Martin Machin

All team representatives present at the meeting except Wigan Eagles and Wigan Roby Mill (both from the 1st Division).

The Chairman opened the meeting by asking for a minute's silence in respect of the recent     bereavement of Wigan league's former players, namely Terry Chadwick, David Frost and David Quarnby

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting
He informed the meeting that he and the League Secretary had attended the TTE Volunteer Conference in January representing the Wigan League.  At the event there had been the opportunity to take part in various workshops and scenarios.  The objective of the conference was to get more volunteers actively involved in the sport and to  support what Sport England are demanding from TTE.  Our leagues & players provide about 15% of what the sport needs to support TTE in this respect.

Jim also mentioned the following events:
   -18th March 2018 - Individual KO Competitions - Lowton High School
   (note we are trying a different format and venue this year to try and increase
   participation so please support this event)
   -19th April 2018 - The Annual General Meeting at Hindley St Peters at 8pm
   -Friday 4th May 2018 - Finals & Presentation Night at Leigh St George
   -Friday 11th May 2018 - Champions Challenge at Leigh St George
   (note this has been brought forward a week this year because of the Grand Prix
   so please disregard the date in the handbook)
   -26/27th May 2018 - Lancashire Closed at Garstang (which is for any player        
   affiliated to Lancashire) for all leagues in the North West
   -September 2018 - The Lancashire ranking event will take place for all Juniors
   & Cadets.

Event results:
Junior players from the Wigan Table Tennis Club came 2nd in their respective league.   Matches were played at Halton for the Juniors and at Garstang for the cadets. Many thanks to all the people who helped with the coaching and training.

 The Vets have 3 teams this season - 2 teams in Division 2 and 1 team in
  Division 2.  The standard is very high.  Anyone who would like to take part in
  the Vets 3rd team (Division 2) should contact Jim.

The Minutes of the last meeting have been read, agreed and signed by Steve Carnaby.

The current balance is 5323.95 with a couple of outstanding payments for the KO Competition premises and Vets match expenses.

All cards have been received. There is only one match that has not been played due to unusual circumstances which is Rainford Spin v Standish A and this has been re-arranged.
This season we are taking note of how many team players are 'playing up' and some have reached or almost reached their maximum
Daniel Watkinson    8
David Lawless    7
Mike Crook        7
David also mentioned that our website page had changed in format this week and pointed out that there is lots of potential on the Wigan website and if we were to look on other league's websites you can see some of the other functionality being used.  There is also the facility to have a forum so if anyone is interested in websites and would like to help please contact him.  Also if anyone wants to add match reports then send these as word documents or emails to David.

David Andrews (Wigan Royals) asked if it was necessary for all entrants to be at the KO Competition for 9am and also asked if we could look at running the over 40's Vets again to include more players.
The Chairman said that we will need to look at the number of entrants for each competition before he could advise on any revised timings or competitions.

Steve Carnaby (Standish B) raised the issue of the number of teams not turning up for the League KO Competition.  The Chairman recognised that it had been a difficult season for 'conceded' matches, especially those scheduled for a Friday night and that it should be discussed as a rule change at the next AGM that teams who do not turn up and have not given notice to the Fixture Secretary and opposing team should be penalised, especially if it has incurred costs for premises.

Walter Green (Poolstock Pirates) then commented that because of all the teams who conceded in the competition that a preliminary round would not have been necessary if we had known this at the start.  The Chairman responded that this also is a proposal for the next AGM - do we give teams the option to take part or not.

The Chairman informed the meeting that TTE are looking for new match umpires and they will provide the training but this does not cover expenses for attending the training course (Jim being the only qualified umpire in the Wigan league).  TTE is also looking at how local leagues run their matches and are looking at other options on how to play/score matches especially for young players who do not want late nights.  Chris Garfin said that TTE had used one of his scorecards for LSG's summer league as an example of a different match format.

Chris Garfin (Leigh St George Club) asked what had been TTE's response to his question for recent Volunteers Conference.
Chris's question (and we also had a very similar question from Paul Clark on behalf of Wigan Table Tennis Club) was that they are both Premier Clubs but never hear from TTE or get any support from them in the form of funding, volunteering, regional coaching etc.
The Secretary replied that these comments were discussed with Martin Ireland (Area Lead for the North for TTE) and he asked if these clubs had approached TTE for any help and if they were members of the 'Clubmark' incentive!  Sandra also mentioned that Wigan Clubs were by far not the only Clubs with the same comments and concerns.

Finally, Andrew Melding (Rainford Surge) asked if anyone had a spare table they did not want for use at the U3A in St. Helens.


The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.40p.m.

   19TH APRIL 2018 @ HINDLEY ST PETERS 8.00 P.M.

Minutes by Secretary - Sandra Moss

MIinutes read & agreed by ________________________________

Date ___________________















Chairman                     Jim Bolton

Secretary                     Sandra Moss

Results Secretary        David Mawdesley

Treasurer                     Paul Siney

Fixture Secretary         Tim Holland


                        Committee                  Martin Machin, Mike Crook, Chris Garfin


Absent:                                            Gary Chadwick


Apologies from:                                 Steve Carnaby, John Hughes, Paul Clark, Allan Pickford


Teams not represented:                    Standish B, Rainford Spin, Rainford Storm, Wigan Eagles,

                                                            Wigan Piethons, LSG Titans, LSG Slayers



The Chairman opened the meeting at 8.00 p.m.and asked for a minutes silence in memory of Tom Siney who had recently passed away.  Tom was a true gentleman and was a long serving player in the League.  

There were more than 30 attendees at the meeting which was a similar attendance to last year’s AGM.



The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and then read out his report as follows:


This season commenced with 3 Divisions and a total of 35 teams (one less than last season).  Division 2 had 11 teams and Divisions 1 and 3 had 12 teams. 


Division 1 has seen the Jets team winning the League by a significant margin from Standish A team. Excellent individual permormances by Pawel Orzechowski and George Lennon for the Jets. Pawel achieving a win percentage of 96% throughout the season.


Division 2 was won by Poolstock Pirates with almost a match in hand over the Wigan TT Club team the Piethons, who had in Daniel Watkinson the leading player of the season.


Division 3 came down to the last match of the season between LSG Knights and the Wigan TT Club Blades, Blades coming out top after an excellent victory over Knights to ensure top spot in the League.  The leading player in this Division was David Lawless who has developed significantly throughout the season and is becoming a real prospect for the future.



The League Knockout competition is at a final stage for both the Cup and Plate sections and the finals are to be played at Platt Bridge Centre on Tuesday 24th April.  Heinz will play Rainford Smash in the cup final and Jets will play Standish B in the plate final.  I will leave the issues and our concerns surrounding the competition until later in the meeting.


The Individual Knockout competitions were held at Lowton High School on Sunday 18th March after agreement to this approach was made at the pre-season meeting in August 2017.  This item is on the agenda for further discussion later. My comment at this stage is that this was the first time in many years we have tried to run this competition on one day during the weekend instead of over 6 or 7 nights in a two week period.  Attendance was disappointingly low but some excellent table tennis was seen on the day.


Lancashire & Cheshire Veterans.  The League put 3 teams in this competition this season. The first team run by Paul Clark, the second by Geoff Pye and the third by myself.  Following last season’s success, the second team were promoted to Division 1 and have ended up bottom of the table with the first team coming fifth.  The withdrawal of 2 teams from the division has made the outcome of the League in the 1st division worse than anticipated.  The third team struggled to maintain the standard and finished at the bottom of the league.  These veteran matches are very competitive and enjoyable with players spending time after matches to have some refreshments and hospitality of the home team.  More players are needed to sustain this commitment so anyone wishing to play let me know before we enter teams next season.


The Cadets continue to make excellent progress with the 2 Cadet teams winning their respective leagues in the National Cadet League, winning Divisions 1 and 2.  A superb achievement for them and significant credit to the team of coaches who are working with the players at Wigan Table Tennis Club and to the parents for their continued support.

A Team – Daniel, Frankie, David and Andrew

B Team – Kate, Thomas and Matty


Leigh St George Club.  I must also add my appreciation to the developnment work

Chris Garfin and his team are carrying out at Leigh St George where this year’s Finals and Presentation Night is being held on 4th May 2018.  The Club is growing and its involvement with the community is developing.  Also new premises are coming on stream for the Club which will give Chris and his team much more available facility to develop the activities.


Rainford Club also continues to grow with over 80 registered players and their open access approach to the retirees who play for leisure and enjoyment from the surrounding area is a credit to the teams.


Wigan Invitation Champions Challenge will take place on Friday 11th May at Leigh St George.  Pawel will be representing the Warrington League and is in the Wigan final on 4th May so either Pawel or George Lennon will represent Wigan on the 11th.





My thanks are due to the Committee for their support throughout the season, especially to Sandra who has guided me through my first, if not turbulent, year as Chairman.  My thanks also go to David Mawdesley who as Webmaster and Results Secretary has had almost as many comebacks as Mohammed Ali. I know that this year David will relinquish his role on the Committee and this will leave us some difficulties to administer the League next season. It is my intention to establish captains entering their match results directy onto the website as many other leagues now do this.  It will require some training over the summer period to prepare for this change but I am confident that it can be achieved with effort and support from the teams and clubs.



The Secretary informed the meeting that a number of Team Application Forms for next season had been circulated but that these would also be sent out to Team Captains by email.  Sandra also pointed out that there was a new section on the form due to the new EU Data Protection Law for which we now have to have a person’s written permission to allow their personal contact details to be shown on the website and that this would need to be completed on the form.



The Treasurer informed the meeting that there had been very little income so far and that there were still some outstanding expenditures to consider i.e. trophies, buffets for League finals night and Presentation night and also some outstanding income for KO Competition fees and sale of tickets for Finals night (which were now available).


It was also mentioned that the League usually donates £50 to a charity of choice following the death of a member and that we had been asked to donate to Dr. Naqui’s charity in respect of Tom Siney and Terry Chadwick.


He then continued by submitting his report of accounts, a summary of which is shown below:


Summary of the accounts:

Balance brought forward                    £3827.66

Total Income                                       £2866.00 (incl. League Fees, Advertisements & TT Balls)


Total Expenditure                               £1979.03

(incl. Nat. Jnr Comp fees, Handbook & Scorecard printing, Lancs TTA membership, Results Sec. expenses, Vets match catering, Lancs. Vets fees, TT365 fees, Donation to Wigan Hospice, Hire of venue/equipment for KO comps, Room Hire Platt Bridge)


Balance BF from last year                  £3827.66

+ Income from this year                      £2866.00



-          Total expenditure            £1979.03


-          Cash in Bank                £4714.63 




It had been the best season for scorecards being received on time apart from this week when one scorecard for the Chasers was still missing. 


David then remarked how disappointing it had been in the League Cup competitions this season with some teams having only 2 players and many conceded matches.  It was pointed out that if we had known about all the concessions we would not have needed a preliminary round.

David Southworth added that generally teams did not want to play on a Friday night.

David Mawdesley responded that he felt that to give up a Friday night on maybe one occasion to play in the competition was not too much to ask.  


He then informed the meeting of the new GDPR Law which comes into effect on 28th May 2018 when all personal contact details cannot be displayed unless we have the person’s written consent.  Unfortunately all personal details will be removed from our TT website on 28th April and at the moment it it not clear if this data will be permanently removed or just hidden so that we can reinstate in the future.





The proposals for changes/additions to 2 rules were debated as follows:

Amendments/additions are in RED


If a team concedes or fails to turn up for a league match, the Executive Committee will adjudicate on the probable result/match score.  The offending team’s match score will be reduced to zero and in addition the offending team will also be deducted 18 points in the league table. All points deducted (for any reason) will be ignored when calculating handicaps.

If a team concedes or fails to turn up for a league match and incurrs a cost to the home team for the unused premises – (what penalty/charge?)

ADDITION REJECTED – Proposed P. Aisnworth/ Seconded J. Wolohan


New rule (Rule 38)

If a team concedes or fails to turn up for a cup match – penalty/charge?








The Chairman reported that two of the current Committee did not wish to be considered for re-election, namely David Mawdesley (Results Secretary) and Paul Clark.


A lengthy discussion then took place when it was decided that each Team Captain would be responsible for entering their match results on the website but this would be monitored by a Results secretary for each division to whom the actual scorecards would be sent.


Ian Pemberton then asked if website training would be given to the Team Captains and the Chairman responded that it would.


Kevin Hayes pointed out that some of the Rules would need to be changed in respect of this so another meeting would need to be called to do this.


The Chairman also nominated David Goulden (not present at meeting) to do the initial web administration for next season as he did this for the Warrington league and had extensive knowledge of the process. It was also agreed that Paul Clark could continue to enter Wigan Junior information on the website and Sandra Moss to enter notices and other news.


Those present then voted on the election / re-election of Officers as following:


Chariman                              Jim Bolton

Vice Chairman                     John Hughes

General Secretary                 Sandra Moss

Treasurer                              Paul Siney

Fixture Secretary                  Tim Holland


Committee Members            Martin Machin, Chris Garfin, Gary Chadwick,

                                             Mike Crook, Steve Carnaby


Results Secretaries for each League (for submission of scorecards and website overview)

                                             Tim Holland    (1st Div)

                                             Martin Machin (2nd Div)

                                             Chris Garfin    (3rd Div)


Welfare Officer                       Sandra Moss

Match Claims &Disputes        Paul Siney

Appeals Officer                      Jim Bolton

TT365 Webmaster                   TimHolland

TT365 Membership Mgr         Tim Holland

TT365 Finance Officer           Paul Siney

TTE Reporting Officer           Steve Carnaby

Vets Team Secretary               Jim Bolton


It was also hoped that Allan Pickford would once again tackle setting out the League fixtures when the teams have been submitted for next season. (Teams to be submitted by 31st July 2018).



Individual KO Competitions

The Chairman then asked for comments on the recent KO Competitions as there had been a disappointing turnout on the day.  He went on reinstate why Lowton School had been chosen as a venue in preference to Wigan Youth Zone. The reasons being that all the equipment was already onsite at Lowton whereas all the tables and barriers would have had to be transported to Wigan Youth Zone and removed afterwards involving van hire and volunteers.  Also the parking facilities were not good.  George Lennon added that he had been approached on the availability of Lowton School premises because of equipment availability, access to the premises to set up the day before and ample free parking.


Tim Holland commented that the event had been poorly supported and there then followed a discussion as to the reasons for this. The Secretary informed the meeting that the main reason for the low attendance appeared to be that it was on a Sunday which, unfortunately, also coincided with a Wigan football match, the Wigan 10K run and two national junior competitions. Also generally people did other activities on a Sunday.  The Secretary pointed out that this date was selected in August 2017 to fit into the season’s schedule and that at the time the Committtee were unaware of clashes with other events which was unfortunate.


Mike Crook then presented a breakdown of a questionnaire he had circulated to his Club as to why his members had not participated and the two main reasons were other sporting events and ‘not interested’.  He then suggested that each of the four large Clubs in the League (Wigan, Standish, Leigh and Rainford) held one of the KO events. This seemed to be a good suggestion but further debate then raised the question of how/where to run the other competitions (Hard Bat, Vets, Handicap) and what if a player has entered more than just his/her divisional Singles/Doubles.


Ian Pemberton then stated that, like himself, players did not want to turn up to the event and play just one game and be knocked out and asked if the competition could not be in a round-robin format instead of a straigh knockout.  The Chairman replied that this year’s competition had been run as a round-robin but this was because there were so few entrants and so this was possible in the time constraints of the day.


John Wolohan remarked that players needed some incentive to enter as it was a foregone conclusion that the top players win every year and Peter Ainscough replied that players needed to be able to enter 2 or 3 competitions each and that maybe a handicap competition for each division would help to encourage more participation.


Tim Holland also added that long waiting times inbetween competitions did not help as he had experienced at the recent copetitions when waiting for other players to finish their games. The Chairman replied that unfortunatley this was sometimes unavoidable if certain players were in a number of events.




Kevin Hayes suggested that maybe we hold the competitions at a different time in the season to which the Chairman replied that there were a number of time constraints to consider when deciding the date i.e. Finals/Presentation night, Champions Challenge night and at what point in the season to hold, if doing handicap competitions, to get the best overall view of a players handicap for the season.


After this lengthy debate it was proposed that the only way to ascertain what members really wanted and to be able to make a decision on how to proceed for next season was to circulate a questionnaire.  A further meeting would be required to decide on the content of this questionnaire and how to communicate this to all our members.

This action was then proposed by Tim Holland and seconded by Martin Machin.


League Knockout Competition

The Chairman suggested that to avoid a high rate of matches being conceded in the competition that teams should state at the beginning of the season if they wish to participate.

Peter Ainsworth replied that it would be better if teams had to state that they did not wish to participate.

It appeared that many of the conceded matches were the Friday night ones and the Chairman replied that Friday night matches were unavoidable as unfortunately some teams only had venue availability on that night.  The Secretary then suggested that maybe to avoid so many concessions, it should be left to the two teams playing each other to decide on a mutually acceptable day and venue in the alloted week that the match had to be played.



Everyone was thanked for their attendance and the meeting closed at 9.40pm.




































































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