Division 2 Reports 2017/2018

Week 1

Strines Knights 8 v 2 Dinting Cricket Club A

A good win for Strines helped by the fact that Sheffield Wednesday were at home and Mike Stansfield was not available. Young Archie Chilton did well to beat Roger Etchells in 5 Dave Clark Ken Wood won all 3 and Dave Clark and Alan Darnell continued their good work from last year in the doubles!

Week 2

Hyde YMCA B 8 v2  Strines Dragons

The promoted Dragons were slayed by the veteran line up of Hyde YMCA in a very friendly, entertaining and competitive game. Harry and Adrian were undefeated for YMCA and Pete Green, but in a rejuvenated performance winning two. Adrian Bellis won Dragon’s only singles in a good patient performance and he also gave problems to both Harry and Adrian. Dragons deservedly won the doubles with John Ashworth partnering Adrian Bellis.

Week 3

Hyde YMCA B 5 v 5 Hyde Cricket and Squash Club

A keenly fought Hyde derby match resulted in a fair result, a 5-5 draw. Harry Garside was in exceptional form dispatching all his opponents quite comfortably. Brian Hadfield and Neil Coppard won 2 each both beating Adrian Borrell and Pete Green and teamed up to beat the same opposition in the doubles to secure a draw. Neil has stiffened? Up the cricket club and we look forward to a visit to Werneth Low for the reverse fixture.

Strines Knights 10 v 0 Strines Dragons

A good win for the Knights, but 2 close games for Roger Etchells as both of his games went to 5! 100% records for Allan Sheppard and Ken Wood

Week 4

Strines Knights 5 v 5 Hyde YMCA B

well this match could have gone either way as 3 of the matches  went to 5, but Strines only won one of them. Allan Sheppard was on form for Strines winning all 3.

Dinting Cricket Club A 3 v 7 Hollingworth Conservative Club B

The Con Club proved too strong for Dinting with Mark Bennett the player of the night with 3 victories.

Week 5

Hyde YMCA B 5 v 5 Chinley Table Tennis Club B

A close hard fought game ended all square. Chinley arrived at YMCA impressively turned out in their team kit. It would be good to see other teams follow their example. Joseph Cooper was the star that night winning all 3. Martyn Capper came close losing in 5 games. Debbie Kruger was unlucky to finish the night without a victory, losing in 5 close games to Adrian and Pete. Mike Davies  and Joseph Cooper easily defeated the YMCA duo to secure a deserved draw. Chinley were in Division 3 last year but will certainly be a force to be reckoned with in Division 2.

Hyde Cricket and Squash Club 4 v 6 Stanley Square C


I was having a peaceful dream the night before this match. I was walking Lexi, my greyhound in the park near my house on a lovely summer’s day, remember them. All of a sudden floating over the treetops I could see a strange object. As it came closer I could make out it was a shirt and it reminded me of that TV advert, where a shirt escapes from the pile of washing because it’s been sprayed with Fabreeze or something and it takes on a life of its own. As we walked on the shirt suddenly swooped down and made a beeline for us. Lexi took off for home at top speed as the shirt , which I could now make out was the hideous grey Man Utd one. The Chinaman, the only other person who bought one apart from Ron Mitchell, must have thrown his away cos Ron keeps his just to haunt me with it. The shirt seemed to be mocking me as it chased me through the park and all the way home. Just surviving example of the worst colours Utd ever wore. The current away strip comes a close as I reached my house it wrapped itself around my head and I struggled to breathe. That’s when I woke up with a pillowcase on my head! Bloody hell its Ron Michell’s lot tonight I said to myself.  Sure enough he turned up that night wearing the only second though!  He was first on v Brian and took the first two sets but Brian fought back well to take the third set with some excellent blocking and backhand drives. It was nip and tuck in the fourth but Ron always held the advantage and took the set and the game with a fortuitous net chord when 10-9 up. A giant shadow blocked the light for a few seconds as Steve came in, either I’m shrinking or he gets bigger every time I play him. I was next on against him and no matter how I tried to move him around his feet never moved, he just reaches everything and I went down in three. Ian Dagnall is a much improved player these days since he changed bats and he gave Brian a decent enough game but lost in three. Ian B.was way below form v Ron and he lost in straight sets. Me v Ian D and we had a decent old battle but he’s developed this deadly forehand smash that comes from nowhere and is very difficult to reach. He’s also got a couple of tricky serves as well and although I took the third I capitulated in the fourth and lost in four. Ian and Steve had the game of the night as they traded sets setting up a deciding fifth and Ian had a couple of chances to take it but missed his smashes when he was set up and Steve eventually took the set 13/11. I gave Ron a real test in the first set even though I had to face ‘the shirt’ and I had a chance to take the set but blew it and lost it 11/13 and that was it. My consistency disappeared, Ron upped his game and I lost the next two sets far too easily although I thought that Ron showing off some fancy serves in the last set when I was down and out was taking the mick. Ian B saw off Ian D’s challenge fairly comfortably to win in three, which left Brian to play Steve and what a scrap they had. Brian took the first set 14/12 as Steve threw away a couple of chances with wild smashes. He then had a lead of 9-3 in the second but Brian had that steely look in his eye and he gradually reduced the deficit as Steve went for shots that weren’t on and Brian with some excellent serving and steady chop drew level. Still Steve had the odd chance but his game was falling apart and Brian took the set 13/11. Steve’s challenge fell away in the third and Brian took it to 5. The doubles, Brian and Ian v Ron and Steve was a humdinger with first one pair on top for a while but then the opposite pair took over, so it was no surprise that it went to a fifth set. Ian, whose form had been very up and down, at last found some consistency and he and Brian took the fifth at a canter. We still lost the match but the score was a wee bit better than it had looked like it was going to be at one stage and if I hadn’t played like a donkey, we might even had finished with a draw. Good company, good tennis, bad shirt!       Lee.

Week 6

Strines Dragons 1 v 9 Hollingworth Conservative Club B

The Dragons have been slain again and a long, hard winter awaits unless we can rediscover some of the form which helped us last season.

Strines Knights 6 V 4 Glossop Table Tennis Club Bandits A

Another win for the Knights! Helped certainly by the non-show of Lauren Thirlwell. Sam Coombes well and won all 3. Dave Clark and Ken Wood both won one for Strines and they won the doubles to secure the win. Alan Darnell struggling with a bad cold ran out of steam and losing the set to Toby Kalnins.

Dinting Cricket Club A 3 v 7 Hyde Cricket and Squash Club

The Jack Russell Bites

Talk about nightmares, the one I had the night before this match takes the biscuit. I was walking the dog through the woods when I got the impression I was being watched but I couldn’t see anybody. Lexi, our greyhound sensed it too and all of a sudden she was off, heading for home at top speed. Then I saw it, behind a tree, a Jack Russell and then behind another tree more of them and then they all came out from their hiding places. Ten of them and all had the face of Ian Wilson! They advanced on me and what was-most terrifying was they could talk, well…swear. They came slowly at first and I backed off as their profanities filled me with terror. ****! ****!****!****! It was almost as if they’d been taught to speak by Ian himself. I reached the stile onto the road and turned tail and ran. I ran so fast I almost caught Lexi up. I couldn’t hear them anymore, thank God for that I thought but too soon because there they were, at the end of the road, still swearing like troopers. I doubled back round the back of the house and we made it to the back door with the pack hard on our heels. I slammed the door and for what seemed like hours they camped outside questioning the legality of my birth among other things and telling me what Ian was going to do with me the next night. I woke at last to find Lexi lay across my bed with her paws covering her ears.  “You weren’t half doing some swearing in your sleep.” Said my wife.  “Me.” I replied. “It wasn’t me, it was those Jack Russells with the Ian Wilson faces.”  “You don’t half have some weird dreams.” She replied. You’re not kidding I thought.  And so the dream came to reality as we played Dinting CC that night and Ian, with the help of so many net points I lost count, and so much blaspheming he’d ‘ve even been given a red card in the Premier League, beat me. I took a set off him for which I was cursed to high heaven but he snarled his way to win the next two.  The Jack Russell had become a Rottweiler! Brian had a curious night, maybe he dreamt of Jack Russell’s as well. He was on first against Eddie and to be honest he blew Eddie away in the first two games. Eddie had no answer to Brian’s serves and his backhand drives. He did come back a little in the third once he’d figured the serves out but it was too late and he went down in 9. Mike took the first game v Ian as Ian made a few too many unforced errors but once he cut those out and found his length with his smashes Mike had no answer and he lost in four. Brian on again against the jack Russell and he just couldn’t get his game going at all. His drives were way off and his blocking game played into Ian’s hands and his serves made no impression on Ian and he breezed the first game to 4. In the second game Brian got it together and helped by some unforced errors took the game to 9. Ian snarled and snapped at Brian in the third and with some tenacious defending took the third to 7. Brian was having none of it though and the language from Ian would’ve made a docker blush as he capitulated to 3. In the decider he shortened his game even more and cannily drew Brian into playing his game and by the time Brian realised he couldn’t find his length and lost the game to 5. Ian B and Eddie had a cracker with Eddie defending stoutly as Ian attacked with both backhand and forehand drives. It went to the fifth set and it was anybody’s game but Ian with some canny serves just managed to shade it to take the match. I was on next against Mike and I was blitzed in the first as Mike returned everything I threw at him and landed some big backhand drives. A wee bit closer in the second and I had chances to take the set but I blew them and lost it to 12. My game was improving though and Mike went for far too many drives which weren’t on and I took the third to 5. I was down and out in the fourth as Mike led 9-2 but I hung in and landed some good smashes whilst Mike was over confident and still going for big backhand winners and missing by a mile. I squared it at 9 all and eventually took the set to 11. Mike’s challenge faded away in the fifth and with some steady chopping and occasional forehand drives I took the set to 5 and the match. Ian took the first two sets v  the jack russell but back came Ian W in the third as Ian, like Brian, was drawn into Ian’s short game. The cursing rose to a crescendo in the fourth as Ian W had chances to force the game into a fifth set but he blew it and the Hyde man emerged the winner of a hard fought game. Eddie and I had a reasonable game and who knows, if I had taken the second set instead of losing 13-15, the outcome may have been different. Brian should’ve been on next v Mike but Mike was disgusted at losing to me he buggered off. I have that effect on people. Which just left the doubles and Brian and Ian B had to work hard for the first two sets but finished comfortable winners in three. So we left Dinting checking our ankles for bite marks and with a whole new swearing vocabulary. Venue is now excellent as was the tennis and the company and we look forward to the return.


Week 7

Hyde YMCA B 8 v 2 Stanley Square C

Steve Bartlett prevented YMCA gaining a clean sweep of victories by beating Pete Green and then Adrian Borrell in a very exciting encounter. Harry Garside was undefeated for YMCA. John Brahms came close against Pete Green succumbing in the 5th game. Lilian scored some spectacular rallies against Harry Garside but was unable to (????) a victory. The doubles was a close fought affair YMCA winning in 5. Good sporting night.

Week 8

Strines Dragons 3 v 7 Hyde Cricket and Squash Club

The club was decorated for a Halloween Party the next night, the ball disappearing into the Halloween equivalent of Santa’s Grotto made for an interesting evening. The Dragons managed to pick up three matches at the expense of Lee, otherwise it was a clean sweep for Hyde.

Dinting Cricket Club A 8 v 2 Stanley Square C

First win of the season for Dinting with Tony Lawton the star man on his return to Table Tennis. Tony’s victory over Ian Robinson was the game of the evening.

Week 9

Hyde YMCA B 8 v 2 Dinting Cricket Club A

YMCA proved too strong for Dinting on the night. Harry Garside continued his good form and Adrian Borrell rolled back the years. Both were unbeaten. Tony Lawton and the wily old Ian Wilson accounted for Pete Green who managed a good win over Mike Stansfield. Mike came very close to defeating Harry in a very good entertaining game.

Hyde Cricket and Squash Club 9 v 1 Strines Knights


The Knights arrived on Werneth Low having slain all the opponents  they had encountered so far this season but in an evening when no quarter was given they left for Strines later that evening licking their wounds. Only Sir Ken De Wood managed a victory, against Brian of Romiley and this was truly hard won. Brian fought back from 1-2 down to level the match but his normally deadly backhand smash was missing and Ken was Mr.Steady himself and in a game that lasted over 20 minutes, Sir Ken finished Brian off. Our new recruit Neil of Dukinfield next took to the joust against Sir Alan D’Arnell and at first looked to have the measure of the knight and took the first set fairly comfortably but the knight fought tenaciously in the second teasing Neil with some delicate drop shots and canny short serves. It was nip and tuck but Neil just shaded the second. He came undone in the third though as Sir Alan persisted in his short game and Neil attempted some smashes that were well off target as well as a couple of fault serves. He cut the faults out in the fourth and though the knight made him work for every point Neil of Dukinfield took the set and the match. Ian of Reddish took on Sir Roger D’Etchells next and what a duel this was. Ian took the first two sets fairly comfortably but Sir Roger suddenly found his range with some blistering back hand drives that Ian had no answer to and added to a loss of concentration enabled the knight to take the next two sets to level at 2-2. Ian gave himself a good talking to and knuckled down in the fifth and Sir Roger lost his length with his drives and Ian took the fifth. Neil’s encounter with Sir Ken was a strange affair. The knight had no answer to Neil in the first set losing it to 2 but fought back in the third only to lose it to 8. In the third however he came to terms with Neil’s game and some of the rallies had me exhausted and I was only scoring. Anyone’s guess who would take the set as both had set point to win but a few lose serves from Sir Ken and some great retrieving from Neil enabled Neil to take the game 16-14. Sir Roger’s game was really off v Brian of Romiley and although he rallied somewhat in the second he had no answer to Brian’s serving and driving. Ian had a humdinger v Sir Alan although it really shouldn’t have been as he took the first two sets comfortably. In the next two sets though, Sir Alan, with the help of a magic chocolate bar provided by Merlin, was completely transformed and Ian couldn’t live with him and he took the sets with ease. All was set up for a real good joust in the fifth but no, the magic faded, Merlin was nowhere to be seen and the knight completely lost his concentration and yielded to Ian of Reddish. Neil of Dukinfield really put Sir Roger to the sword as the knight had no answer to Neil’s spinning lobs and it was over in a thrice. Sir Alan gave Brian a decent game and managed to take a set but Brian disposed of the knight in the fourth without too much trouble. Lee of Mottram, fully recovered from his wrenched shoulder, took to the table for the doubles and wielding his bat like a broadsword partnered Ian of Reddish to a five set victory in the doubles. So the knights mounted their chargers and slunk off through the mists of Werneth Low with their tails between their legs but with the knowledge that although the scorecard read 1-9, they had made the peasants fight for every point and promised retribution when they visited the castle at Strines where the giant jigsaws stand. A great night’s tennis and good company and yes the scorecard does sometimes lie. 


Week 10

Strines Knights 0 v 10 Chinley Table Tennis Club B

The result really says it all! Strines outplayed apart from Dave Clark and Ken Wood who both narrowly lost in 5 sets to Joseph Cooper and Mike Davies respectively. Joseph Cooper only to win all 3 – what will he be like in 10yrs time!!!

Week 11

Hyde Cricket Club 6 v 4 Glossop Table Tennis Club Bandits B

Week 13

Strines Dragons 2 v 8 Hyde YMCA B

A good evening with yet another disappointing result for the Dragons.





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