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Doubles Tables as of 30/10/2017


Future Fixtures
Ruckinge B vs Little Chart A 27/11/2017

Div: Division 1

Sportsmen A vs Ruckinge D 27/11/2017

Div: Division 2

Challock B vs Ruckinge C 27/11/2017

Div: Division 2

Challock D vs Ashford TT C 27/11/2017

Div: Division 3

Challock E vs Ruckinge F 27/11/2017

Div: Division 4

Latest Results
Played: 23/11/2017
Played: 20/11/2017
Played: 21/11/2017
Played: 21/11/2017
Up-Coming Events

Kent League: Ashford B v Folkestone A

Kent League: Ashford C v Thanet

Kent League: Ashford B v Canterbury A

Kent League: West Kent A v Ashford A

Kent League: Gravesend C v Ashford C

Last Date for Results Part A

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