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League Cup 2015/16

Results round 2

Woodfield B v Woodfield A  6 - 0

Woodfield D v Woodfield E  4 - 6

Results Round 1

Division 1

Woodfield A v Bromley A 10 - 0

Woodfield G v West End A 1 - 9

Victoria Park A v Woodfield F 5 - 5 Sets 22 - 21

Woodfield B v Electricity A  6 - 0

Woodfield D w/o v Woodfield C

Division 2 

Electricity B v West End B 5 - 5 sets 22 - 20

Woodfield H v Woodfield J  6 - 2

Baggeridge A v Albert A  3 - 6

Division 3

Bromley B v West End D 9 -0

Wednesfield B v Albrighton 2 - 7

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League Cup draw 2nd Round

To be played week commencing 23rd November

Division 1

Woodfield D v Woodfield E

Woodfield B v Woodfield A

Victoria Park A and West End A have byes

Division 2

Albert A v Woodfield H

Albert B v Victoria Park B

Electricity B have a bye

Division 3

Woodfield L v Cheslyn Hay A

Cheslyn Hay B v Albrighton

Bromley B and West End C have byes

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Season 2015/16

The season started on 28th September 2015.

Handbooks have been distributed and all fixtures and results also now appear on the website.

To note that plastic balls are mandatory for division 1 for the coming season (2015/16).

For divisions 2 and 3 plastic balls are recommended but celluloid balls may also still be used. The home team will choose which type ball will be used for their matches.

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Doubles change

Don't forget that following a change to rules at the AGM in 2014 it remains allowable for a 4th registered member of a team to play in the doubles.

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Match card submission

This season match cards should be submitted as follows:

Division 1  Send by e mail to me if possible, but if not to be posted.

Division 2  Post card to division secretary Eric Barker with e mail copy to me if possible.

Division 3  Send by e mail to division secretary Martin Garrington if possible, but if not to be posted.

In all cases to be sent within 24 hours after the match.

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Cancelled matches

A reminder that the divisional secretay should be informed immediately regarding cancelled matches and also the rearranged date when known.

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