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Mini Match Report - Argyle D 6 Princes St E 4

The E street band arrived at the posh tennis club minus Bruce Springsteen for this one.

Their loyal groupies came in numbers ( well 3 actually ) and having made the trek from "the streets of Philadelphia " were there in good time to see "the E street shuffle" but sadly it was "darkness on the edge of town " as Les Lord had forgot to put a 50 p in the meter.

I do hope all you muso hipsters are getting these ( not too) obscure references to the Boss.

Ok so the line ups . Former town champ Nick Miller , fresh from his stint on the BBC reading the weather forecast was joined by Callum Richardson , league legend Les Lord and a new name to us Lee Hesketh making his D2 debut made up the Argyle team.

The E Streeters had an experimental line up. Devoid of team captain Foss - aka Bruce Springsteen who was supposed to be resting his vocal chords - Ian Lunt fresh from his break on Costa del Halewood played at 1 , Andy Armstrong at 2 , Brian Haslam at 3 and also making his D2 debut boy wonder Sam Davies at 4.

Asked about his team selection Bruce said ...." you know it's long tour , we are going to be on the road for some time man and these guys , well they're all so good - they rock man". Yes we get what you mean Nick , i mean Bruce.

After Les rummaged aroung in his pockets he found the 50p and the action commenced.

The E streeters took an early lead through Andy beating Les and the groupies went wild.

Agryle stormed back with the weatherman against Ian. 1-1

The 2 debutants then clashed and Lee with very spinny serves and a good all round game prevailed over a nervous Sam.

The home team extended their lead through Callum beating Brian.

Ian v Callum next and what a win for the sunburn kid . Great hitting and blocking from Ian took him to a memorable victory. At this point it got a bit messy and the groupies started throwing their pants into the arena but eventually Nick was persuaded to put them back on. 3-2!

Boy wonder Sam then overcame his nerves and gave a superb display to overcome Les in 3.

This was followed by an excellent win for Brian v Lee before normal service was resumed with Nick taking out Andy.

4-4 with the doubles to go. Lee and Callum v Andy and Ian but where were Les and Nick given it was Agryle's turn to score ? Were they looking for another 50 p just in case? So Callum made "the promise " score this and we'll do the last doubles.

So Bruce stepped up ( to do his 4th stint of umpiring ) , despite the intention to rest his vocal chords and umpired the match. And what a match. The E streeters were 2-0 up and "cruisin" and managed to lose in 5.

Before the last doubles Callum and Lee broke their word and left without scoring maybe "they were born to run ".

Nick and Les polished off Sam and Brian in quick oder to leave the match score at 6-4.

A great game and time for the band and the groupies to make their way home

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