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Senior/Veteran Coaching


Beginning 7th September -

Malcolm Macfarlane ::

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Advertising/Sponsorship on the web

The Association is embarking on a program to get local advertising or sponsorship on the website. We will be contacting around 100 local businesses by post but we have added the document here in case any of you, the Members, have contacts to pass it on to or could be interested yourselves.

Malcolm Macfarlane ::

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A General overhaul and update of the whole site has been undertaken, including Media where there is a video of Kelly and Danny winning the Commonwealth Bronze Medal, and a new Gallery main menu item which contains all photographs from the 2016 Finals night.

Dorothy Macfarlane ::

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Featured News Articles

Evesham Performance Centre sessions 2016-17

The coaching sessions held at St Egwin's Middle School, Evesham will recommence in September 2016.


County Opponents and Divisions for the 2016-17 season


Leamington Tournament Results

The largest Leamington Tournament of this century passed off very well last Sunday

For all the results go to the tournament Website


New Ranking System Coming soon

TT365 Made a big announcement todayTable Tennis 365 - Ranking System Released Our ranking system is now in final beta and is being released in phases.What you need to knowTT365 rankings will be live before the start of next season.Our rankings system is provided FREE to all leagues and clubs that use League Manager.Rankings are powered by the same engine we use to run the Table Tennis England and Table Tennis Scotland national ranking lists.Rankings are generated automatically from the results ..


Warwickshire Schools Individual Entry Forms

The Warwickshire Schools Individual Entry Form is now available


2015 Warwickshire Schools Team Table Tennis Championship

The 2015 Warwickshire Schools Team Table Tennis Championship will be held on Thursday 19th November at Lawrence Sheriff School. Information regarding this event is available here in the entry form Should you have any queries, please email Jo Outhwaite at


County Championships Divisions 2015-16

The County Championships Divisions for 2015/16 are now announced

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