The Radford Calendar is shown below, additional bookings daytime or evening can be made by emailing

Changes to the planned League Match Schedule should be sent to the same address, Radford is very full this year so early notification of slots becoming free will help all clubs in fitting in rearrangements.


League matches take priority in the Evenings during the season (26/9/2016 - 30/4/2017),  If practice/coaching bookings are made in this period they may be overridden by League match rearrangements.

2nd (larger) room priorities as follows:

2 x  3 aside matches - higher division match takes priority

2 x  2 aside matches - higher division match takes priority

3 aside match and 2 aside match - 3 aside match takes priority

All other matches on a first arrival basis


Practice/coaching bookings cannot be made more than 2 weeks in advance and must be requested at least

24 hours in advance of the booking.

pen Practice

During the close season (11/5/2015 - 28/8/2015) two nights per week (Wednesdays and Fridays) have been blocked out from 7pm for Open Practice and are not bookable by individuals or clubs.  Any keyholder can turn up on these nights to practice.  If there are more players than available tables, those present should rotate.  It is hoped these sessions will encourage greater participation and provide a sociable evening for anyone who wishes to practice.


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