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League 2019-2020 Top 12 Tournament

Good luck to the following for the Top 12 Tournament (Division 1) that will be played in the NSC, 19 January 2020.

Scott Lewis

Sean Drewry

Paul Corran

Jason Quirk

Adam Teare

Tim Baker

Julian Briercliffe

Malcolm Cummings

Mike Tamarov

Khayee Vinas

Rhys Yardley

David Parsons

Khayee Vinas :

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Fixture Summary

League fixtures for the 2019/20 season are now visible on the website.

A fixture card is being printed and will be distributed to all players at the start of the season.

This will contain the 1 page fixture summary, which has previously been issued to Club Secretaries.  A copy of this summary can be downloaded from the following link. 

IOMTTA fixture schedule 2019_20.pdf


Tim Baker 31/8/19

Khayee Vinas :

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Table Allocations for 2019/20

The Table Allocations which show the tables on which each fixture will be played through the season are available at IOMTTA table allocations 2019_20.pdf

Table numbering starts with #1 by the entrance door and proceeds in  a “clockwise” direction with 1 to 6 down the left of the hall and 7 to 12 coming back down the right hand side.

3 tables are allocated between each pair of matches on Fridays - each match will take turns in using the third table.

Tim Baker :

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Source: Division 1

Travellers A vs Ramsey B

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Strathallan vs Ramsey A

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Peel A vs Copy Shop B

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Travellers B vs Copy Shop C

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