Card Upload for Team Captains

Hi everyone,

I have put together a video for the Team Captains who may be interested in uploading their cards. You can view that here: 


Please also read below for further instructions:

If you do not have access. Please email me and I will give you access.

Step 0: Please email/speak to me if you would like to submit your teams cards. You will need your TTE ID and password, if you are unsure on either of these, please let me know and I will help you.

Step 01: Go to (this will open in a new window) or click the Submit card dropdown on the main page.

Step 02: Log in using your TTE ID and password. It should bring up your division's screen. If not, click the link again after logging in to be taken back to it.

Step 03: Click the green 'Add result' button.

Step 04: Select your home team and away team. (You can add other teams cards but remember, your login details will be assigned to this card submission, so please make sure the details are true and you have permission from the Team Captain and Match Secretary before submitting for somebody else.)

Step 05: Fill in the details for the game.

Step 6: Click the green next button, this will take you to the MOM screen. It will automatically pick based on points/games won and lost. Click Finalise.

Step 7: Relax and have a brew. 


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