Getting TT365 Membership for the 2019-20 season

Northumbria Winter League 2019/20

I’d like to give you some important information regarding TT365 for this coming season. As you will know from my previous email on the 10th of April Table Tennis England and TT365 confirmed that their commercial relationship would come to an end at the end of July when the current contract concluded.

Both parties had engaged in negotiations regarding the future provision of TT365 League Manager to the leagues funded by Table Tennis England. The parties were unable to reach a consensus on commercial terms of an agreement.

Table Tennis England have therefore introduced their own league and fixture platform which I have been evaluating over last few weeks and are providing it for free. We had to make a decision by the end of July which system to use for the new season. Using the feedback from the email in April, my own evaluation, feedback from the AGM & an extraordinary committee meeting we decided that the new TTE Leagues system is not fit for purpose to enable us to run the winter league to the same standard you have become used to. Also TT365 would of been switched off at the end of July which was in the middle of our Summer League giving us a massive problem.

 So in conclusion we are staying with TT365 for this season & hope that the new TTE Leagues system will have developed enough to run all subsequent seasons going forward. There will be an associated one off cost per registered player in the winter of £7 for a Senior or £4 for under 18’s so they can appear in TT365 for match results & stats as well as all the other functionality. 

This will be the responsibility of the individual and must be paid direct to TT365


Member Paying Direct to TT365

Members can pay themselves via their profile at

Everything looks pretty much the same as it did under TTE so you should have no problems navigating through the checkout 


Please note that TTE Player Membership is still required. 


You must have subscribed to TT365 & have TTE Player Membership to participate this winter otherwise you will not be able to enter any results (Player match card entry) and any games played will be void.


Any questions please get back to me. 


Regards Dale

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